Chain lube?

What do you folks use? I have used Castrol chain wax for ages and had no problems but as it is finished I wondered what you knowledgable folks use?

I have heard of engine oil but suspect it could be a bit messy?

I use castrol chain wax also.

Look on ride website, they have all their recommended tests on there in pdf. They have the chain lube one on there, take a goosey.

Wurth Chain wax for me, tried about everything else and gone back to it

i dont like the wax as it acts like a ****e magnet ,now the wurth clear lube is the dogs dangleys imho

i just use wd40 or acf50. lube just tends to turn dirt into a grimey abrasive paste

See there is always one spanner monkey we can rely on to use WD40…then again you cant keep the bike upright long enough for the chain to get damaged

Me…I use nowt

I use Morris Synthetic Lube, then every 6-8 weeks I use non areosol WD-40 to clean the chain. I tend to lube up (fnar Fnar) on a Sat morning, know the bike will not move for 48 hours, so a lot of the stickyness goes…

The WD40 thing I think is a myth.

nope…WD40 damages the cute little rubber o-rings on the chains…hence why everyone says dont do it.

hell…I dont have a chain so it dont affect me

I used to use wurth until I discovered profi-dry lube, that seems the dawgs so far. Saying that regular dousing in wurth saw my D.I.D gold X ring on the CB1300 last for 24000 miles. That was a healthy squirt of the stuff after most rides

Just to clear up something:

WD40 in aerosols is BAD for you chains, there is an additive that does wear out Rubber / o-rings

WD40 in NON aerosol form in GOOD for you chain as is does NOT have the additive

Hope that helps (a little)

There was an email from WD 40 doing the rounds a while ago, and according to them it does not damage O rings.

My concern is that it will seep past the O rings over time and start to dilute the grease in the rollers, there is plenty of good stuff out there for specifically chains, why not use it?

I only use WD40 to clean the chain. I use a proper chain lube once cleaned.

do they f*ck

acf50 is definately non-corrosive to rubber (which is the main one i use) and by ‘everyone’ do you mean you and the voices?

there’s plenty of discussion on the net either way for wd40

some reckon it perishes the rubber, some reckon it gets past them and removes the sealed oil, and plenty of other people attest to it being fine, and getting 10k plus miles out of their chains using wd40 only.

they’ve included ‘lubicates motorcycle chains’ on their uses page altho cunningly dont bother to say if any of the uses have any factual basis…

oh and your mum harley boy

See that’s why I love this site right here…LOL

I use WD40 on chains when I don’t have anything else…ACF50 on the whole bike…No probs.

Each to their own…Just don’t piss on the chain…Rusts it like nothing else

In that list of 2000 uses, I saw that it softens rubber O-Rings !!
But yeah, I used it onmy old bike. I thought It was ok, but I did seem to be spraying it every couple days?? Is that Normal?

just use KY Jelly. does the trick.

Any further suggestions on this thread?

Have used Halfords chain was at one end of the price scale which doesn’t last, then am currently on Wurth Dry Chain lube at the other end, which also doesn’t seem to be last quite as long as it could. Use the bike for commuting so is a pain to have to keep applying lube - any further reccomendations?

Is looking like a Scottoiler at this rate…

i use castrol rock oil chain lube, very good but a little messy, or wurth dry chain lube is pretty good.