Chain lube q?

Hey peeps!

I usually get the silkolene chain lube, but struggling to find it at a reasonable cost anywhere in the lock down.

Anyone used the muc-off lube, is it any good?

I think I did for a bit… But can’t really remember if good or bad. Can a lube ever really be ‘bad’?

When I could I used the Wurth dry lube. Could usually get it off eBay.

I like the wd40 lube (or is it wax?) for the fact it’s white but fuck me is it messy to apply. Not sure if it was the pressure, the nozzle or just that I noticed it more because it was white…

Tbh I’d use whatever if you can’t find your preference… As long as you keep it clean and lubed I doubt the brand will make a significant difference generally, moreso in the short term

I used to use Castrol then I switched to Morris because that’s what they had at Chiswick Honda. I’ve used Silkolene before two. To be honest I’ve never noticed any real difference. Muc-Off is probably fine so long as you use it regularly.

Fair point well made. Better to have it all lubed up and nice then dry and snappy…

They make both, that is the wax. I have sometime used them as Aldi regularly sell them.

I have used different brands but never noticed any difference, but I am not a performance rider and my chain suffers more from rain and moisture due to the bike being kept outside.

Although it was lubed before the lockdown started, I dread to think how badly rusted it will be after several months without use.

i’ve used muc-off its fine, tbh i’ve used 3-in-1 oil as well and that was fine.

The age old debate of chain lube. Interestingly I watched an MCN video where Neevesy said that all he does is clean his chain with GT85 and that’s it. Doesn’t lube at all.

Although GT85 has PTFE in it so I guess it’s kind of a lube itself?

I’ve always used Wurth dry chain lube and seems fine. But it’s expensive. Where as I can get a case (12 cans) of GT85 for £25.