Chain/Lock For Carrying Around

OK, so I’ve heard all the horror stories about standard 12mm motorbike security chains getting mullered by 42" bolt croppers in 10 seconds flat and so at home I have a dirty great big 16mm chain and ground anchor.

At work it’s not too bad because I park in a gated car park directly in front of the security hut (and by the back door of the police station) so I think the disc lock and alarm/immobiliser is enough.

Trouble is that when I pop into town, I don’t really want to be lugging a 10kg chain around with me but I’d like to be able to chain the bike to a lampost or something.

Does anyone have any experience of smaller diameter chains (preferably not just experience of them being crap :P). I’ve seen a lock somewhere that has a sort of lasoo design on the chain, which would mean a shorter chain can be used to reach the nearest locking point (keeping the weight down) anyone used them?



Interesting. Almax market their 16mm Series III for carrying around “The Series III ws designed to carry on your motorcycle”

You’d have to buy a 2.5m one to get to 10KG though…

Smaller chain, bigger risk I guess. Weigh it up.

A 2.5m chain probably only gets you about a meter from the nearest immovable obect once you’ve gone through the wheel & around the lampost - seems like that’s about as near as I’d likely get unless there was specific bike security rail

Does anyone carry one about? When I brought my 16mm squire chain home, I had to box it up and bungee strap it to the pillion seat. Don’t think I could be doing that every time I went out.

just carry it around in a tank bag or tail pack, thats wot i do.

If you’re looking for something lightweight …

20mm cable + Squire SS50CS padlock

get a jack russell and keep it in the tank bag (baglux do a dog specific one) once the jack has been in the bag a few times he’ll ‘OWN’ the bag and whatever it’s connected to…so good luck to any thief getting near the ignition let alone yourself on your return :Whistling: