Chain Length and Having Ground Anchors installed on Rented flat

Im due to move house at the end of month and unfortunately it means that i no longer have a garage to keep my baby safe. Ive already got a cover which was donated to me even if it is meant for a huuuuge bike but better than nothing. There is a space between the front wall at the front of the house and the windows of the ground floor flat which i can fit my bike in.

Im gonna get an almax chain but unfortunately theres nothing to chain it to. So i have options, get a 0.7m chain and just put it through the wheel (although this means somebody could still lift it) or get a longer chain and put it through the wheel and probably will never need to buy a longer one if needed.

Or get a ground anchor installed, however im not sure what the landlady might say.

Has anyones landlady/lord given permission for anyone to do this? Are they easy to put in and remove if i wanna take it with me or am i better off if given permission to put it in to leave it there when/if i move in 6/12months time?

i didnt have to much trouble installing mine you just need a good drill and drill bit, and for extra safety i put a little bit of cement in with the raw plugs, i’d defo do it that way its all the more harder for a thief cos if they want it and it aint anchored they will lift it

although the cement idea wont be good if ya planning on only being there a short while as it will make it a biatch to remove

Maybe when you ask her you can say that you’ll leave it if she wants or if she wants you remove it you will make sure you put the ground back as you found it before you leave, can’t see it doing any harm.

i’ll give it a go, do you reckon its better for me to ask the estate agents to ask her now for me (before i move in) so i can get it installed straight away, or is it better for me to ask directly after meeting her?

I think the ground anchor is the way to go just ask your land lady if its ok to screw it to the floor (it dont sound too bad when you screw something as opposed to bolting) if its not permanent just get a cheap one like this just make sure the almax can fit in it, a monster chain can.

I would also recommend this you just sit the sensor in a position that it will let you know the moment some one go’s too close to your bike, very handy if you are in a flat.

Not much point having an Almax with nothing to chain it too!

Definitely go for the anchor, you could always just install it on the basis its removeable and not a permanent fixture. Besides, its nothing that an angle grinder won’t get rid of.

But, bear in mind the size of the links in the Almax chains when looking for a ground anchor as they are massive, especially the Series IV. I know Almax have their own anchors aswell…