Chain help

Right well after hearing the bad news today that my chain needs replacing I’ve started looking around as to what to buy… The first thing I realised is that I’m clueless about chains and need the wisdom of other LB members to guide my purchase :smiley:

I’ve been trying to answer the most basic of questions -X-ring Vs. O-ring. Just when I thought I had the answer that X ring was better I found other websites that said the opposite… What’s the truth here folks?

Also in terms of manufacturers who are the ‘good’ ones to get a good quality chain? I was recommended this one on the GSR forum but I’d like to get some further opinions :smiley:


that is a goood chain. i use it on the blackbrid,

a lot of people look at the chain tentioners and see they are near there limit:D

and say you need new chain, they know all about em:D noooooot not not

dont meeeeen you neeeed a new chain if its nice and free to move, and not too lose then fine,

sproc if the teeth are low or start to face the front of the bike:D then renew it:D

wot bike is it for and wot sort of abuse will it get?

if on a sport bike thats doing high speed then chain is gonna get a lot more abuse than a commuter bike pootling about etc.

all i will say is get a chain from decent make etc, no cheap ebay shlte!

Not that I’m suggesting you do the same but my approach, having heard horror stories of chains snapping at motorway speeds, was to get the best chain I could find (DID ZVM2), new sprockets, and a Scottoiler eSystem to keep it all nice and moist. A bit of a learning curve with the eSystem but all works nicely now :cool:

DID chains are good. Any chain will give long service if you look after them, mine gets cleaned and lubed every 150 miles (once a week ish)

True…I have started using EK X-ring chains on my bikes…Found them good. DID,RK,EK,RENTHAL,IRIS all good chainsMate Z-Ring X-Ring O-Ring theres to many rings lolAll you need is an O-RING. Will last just as long as an X-RING

I was a bit secretive about the bike I admit… It’s a GSR so willl get commuting+abuse :smiley:

The one I put on from ebay was a DID chain so might get it if people know them and they are good…

Probably worth doing the sprocket as well while you’re at it.

DID is a quality chain - also fit new sprockets with a new chain.

Haynes manuals often carry service limit data for the chain on a specific bike - e.g. replace the chain when the distance between a certain number of links exceeds a specified measurement.

On the Hornet Honda helpfully provides a mark above the adjusters which tells you when the chain has stretched beyond it’s service limit.

You will get more miles out of your chain if you keep it clean, adjusted and regularly lubed.

Sorry went I said chain I kinda meant the sprocket as well… anyway I think most sell them as 1 now

I get mine from here

good prise too:D

Ah cheers for that…

So we have 3 contenders from this site:

Contender 1: DID VX X-Ring Chain and Sprocket Kit OEM

Contender 2: DID VX-GB X-Ring Gold Chain and Sprocket Kit Upgrade

Contender 3: DID ZVM2 X-Ring Gold Chain and Sprocket Kit Extreme Upgrade

I reckon I’m gonna go for Contender 2 as I don’t rag the tits off my bike (well not too much)… I know you’re supposed to go for the best as it will last longer and pay off in the long term but I’m not sure I can afford it at the moment… :frowning:

what, you swear on your way to work? :w00t:

Only when I see your fugly thing on the a3!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha touche! :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of curiosity, which brand do the manufacturers use? They can’t make their own surely. I ride a Suzuki 650 and its lasting well so much so I’d buy another as a replacement.

No idea really… I was looking for an upgrade :smiley:

Go for the best available if you can afford it, it really is worth the extra money. I had a chain snap on my Hornet (mid range chain if I remember rightly), wasn’t even that old and looked in pretty good nick but it tore the water pump and mountings off the engine.

Couple of years ago I bought the DID gold Xring (I think) fitted to the bike in my avatar, did a 3500 mile trip round Europe, including a dozen laps of the ring and a track day at Mugello and when I got home it still didn’t need adjusting, just a spray of lube each night.

DID good chains the best