Chain, Gearbox and the Sidestand


I’ve recently noticed that my sidestand has a lot of dirt on it, greasy and sticky. It also slightly drips and leaves oil marks just below the sidestand where i park.

I went to my local Suzuki dealer and was told that it is normal as the grease/oil/dirt/lube/etc. accumulate from the chain into the gear box and then down to the sidestand.

Does anyone have the same problem?
Does anyone concur with the comments of my dealer?

Any other ideas?


You could try cleaning the bike fully so you can see where the leak, if there is one, is coming from ;):smiley:

i’ve done that and the leak appears to be coming from the gearbox, it is a very slow dripping greasy and sticky not a massive amout which would fit with what the dealer said…

i’ve got the feeling that it is caused by scottoiler which is lubing my chain all the time, but i’m not sure…


If I had to guess, I’d say it was the scott oiler before I’d worry about a leak somewhere – And the upside, is now you don’t have to clean it up!

Yep - it will be the excess of the lube that the ‘Drippy McNasty’ aka Scottoiler is dumping on your chain.

Less maintenance costs (arguably) but more cleaning headaches…:smiley:

I have a simple solution to the cleaning headaches… don’t clean it:) I have exactly the same ‘leak’ on my 600 Bandit…on mine it’s definately the excess oil on the chain

I have the same issue on my 600 Bandit, it’s def from the chain I reckon due to the consistency and location of it, plus my oil level isn’t going down.

I find that the 1978 Honda CB400A, doesn’t need the scottoiler, it is naturally a long lasting chain, due to the automatic tranny and low horse power. And I never wash it, either.

I get the exact same thing happening on my bike. Take a look for leaks if you’re worried but it sounds like a normal phenomenon to me. As the dealer said, it’s where all the dirt and oil on the chain gets flung out and down towards the sidestand mount when the chain goes round the front sprocket. If you’re using a wet chain lube then using a dry lube will help.

Once after getting back from a ride I noticed I had streaks of greeny dirty oily crap on the belly pan below the sidestand. What was it? I had overfilled the coolant reservoir and where I was taking L hand bends the coolant was draining out of the overflow hose (which terminates in a bracket built into the sidestand) and mixing with all the gunk around the sidestand mount on it’s way down the side of the bellypan. Initially I was worried I had a leak from the water pump drain bolt! Luckily it didn’t get on the rear tyre! :w00t: