Chain Cleaner ?

Guys & Girls,

I’m looking for a chain cleaner , I’m sure I’ve seen one somewhere like a matchbox that goes round the chain and I run it for a while, so I don’t have to get a tooth brush out… I noticed I’ve got a load of crap on the chain and I know it’s got a gold chain on there somewhere . Looks like the auto oiler that’s on the bike is giving out too much…

Any advice would be appreciated

Personally I clean and lube once a week. A rag and WD40 to clean everything off, then I apply the lube, leave it overnight and wait a week before repeating. Only takes ten minutes and means I have as little lube on there as is required. I’ve never been a fan of those auto-oilers personally.

Have you got a scott oiler ? if you have turn it down as you only want 1 drip about every min, otherwise …splat splat all over your wheel, not good.

WD40 works per Jay’s post, but paraffin is cheaper It’s like a knife thru butter so should bring chain back no worries.

I’m pretty sure that most chains (being sealed types - O rings? can’t remember) don’t actually need lubing very often, and we do it so often simply to stop the face-plates from corroding.

So I work on the principle that less is better - mine gets done every few thousand in the dry and pretty much after every long ride in the wet.

Also, isn’t better to lube it when it’s warm? Like after a good ride out so the lube ‘melts’ slightly for better penetration and then thickens ‘in place’ which minimises fling.

I used to use some really expensive aircraft grade lube that sprays on dry (so no tackiness) and doesn’t fling. It was about £10 a can and I got it from Ally Pally. Ring any bells? Love somemore as it was fantastic.

I’ve used Scottoilers on several bikes, and on average get about 25,000 miles from each chain/sprocket set. You can achieve the same with manual cleaning/lubing, but it isn’t as easy. With the oiler adjusted properly, there’s little or no fling-off, and because the oil isn’t sticky the chain doesn’t get covered in crap. I think the things are worth their weight in titanium

General consesus (that I’ve seen anyway) is that WD40 is bad for chains with rubber o-rings as it rots them, exposing the internal lube & killing the chain earlier than normal.

Kerosene doens’t do this, but DOES cut through chain lube like nothing else I’ve seen. Rag & big splash of it, wrap the rag around the chain & give it a vigorous rub over & you’re done in a couple of mins (if you have a paddock/side stand or can get the back wheel off the ground somehow) - and that’s even with a really manked up chain…

Do you really use a toothbrush?!!

Oh yeah, I think Motrax do that chain cleaner you want. Seen it at places like M&P’s site & the likes

WD40 all the way… and I love the smell!!

I’m with smallred, I’ve always heard that WD40 is a big no no on chains. Apparantly it damages the rings, and shouldnt be used on anything with some kind of rubber seal.

Personaly I won’t chance it, so I just use Parafin which is cheaper. Engine oil is quite good aswell for a quick clean, lubes the chain at the same time aswell.
Just wash all the parafin off, let it dry and then lube. I found PJ1 Blue to be the best, but its all personal choice and its not the cheapest.

'tis true - WD40 penetrates the O-rings (X-rings, whatever-rings) and strips out the grease they’re supposed to retain, thus knackering your chain much more quickly. I know a few people who have experienced this.

You can use WD40 - just spray it onto a rag and wipe the chain with it. It does cut through old lube well. Just don’t spray it onto the chain directly - that’s where the damage is done.

Alternatively, if you can find somewhere that still sells the stuff, use paraffin as mentioned above. It’s just as good.

Me? I’ll use a Scottoiler every time, it’s almost like having a shaft-drive but without the pipe and slippers

just in case: paraffin/kerosene - same thing

An alternative - Wurth do a chain and brake cleaner.