Chain (and sprockets)...

My chain hasn’t fared too well this winter and is nice and rusty now. Doesn’t seem to be any problems with it (yet) so I was just wondering if it was worth changing it, if I need to change the sprockets too while I’m at it and finally how easy it is to change them! Ta!

I’d try and get the corrosion off first, it might only be superficial. Get a wire brush onto it with a load of WD40, with the bike on a paddock stand, and try and get it off. It’ll only be surface corrosion anyhow, so is unlikely affect the integrity of the chain, but you’ll know after giving it a scrub.

Ooooh I would’nt do that, you mite damage the little o rings with the brush.

It will only be surface rust so dont worry. I had a chain for five years that was rusty as feck. the internals were as new coz I lubed it after every trip n cleaned with parrafin every month.

Never use petrol as will rot thru o rings in a flash, parrafin or WD 40 best. then simply give a good coat of lube then leave to penetrate overnite. Solvent in the lube will have evaporated by the next mornin thus reducing the amount of throwout on to the back wheel blah blah blah.

Always change c&s together, gold anodised ones look good and seem to ward off the old tin worm very well.

If you buy a new chain, look out for ones that come with a free city centre map…

Cool, I’ll give it a bit of WD40 action and see whether that does the trick!

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