Chain and Sprocket

Right here will be some real newbie questions here so forgive me.

I think i need a new chain and therefore a new sprocket (u can buy one with out the other right???) cos my chain even with maintence is near the end and is a bit rusty and all the rest.

So what now? Do I just buy a stock suzuki one or a nice one any recommendations? will be used on road mainly if thats any help…do i buy chain by length or by make n model??

Any advice would be grateful as im clueless

I have a suzuki gsxr 600 K1


check out this link, best offers around, and excellent quality look for chain and sprockets under suzuky gsxr 600

Anil, I’ve sent you a PM


Thanks for the help been looking in to this in more detail…

I think i want a gold sprocket and chain…

The cost seems to be around 100 quid for a rear sprocket and chain. Do i need a front sprocket if i change my rear one…i take it the front one is not visible like the rear and prob doesnt need changing as often. Please correct me if i am wrong as i dont know…

Also with daemon tweaks it ask how many links my chain is… ihave no idea how many links. My sprocket is 45 TOOTH 525 STANDARD SIZE

Any help please loL!

According to normal circumstances, and every good decent mechanic would tell you this (Craig please back me up from Brighton M/Cyle Centre) it is always a must that you have to change all 3 at the same time, front sprocket, rear one and the chain! why? cause they all wear equally at the same time, and as a result all 3 must be changed at once. Exception would be if you snap a new chain then you only need to replace that (hopefully under warranty) without needing to replace the 2 sprockets too (when all 3 had been changed recently obviously). But changing one sprocket and not the other one is a no no, or like putting a new chain on worn sprocket is plain silly, apparently

You will also find that you get a better deal buying them in block as people / companies offer a package deal which often it is cheaper than having to buy the 3 separately.

If i got all 3 chain both sprockets what would the labour cost be roughly??

Phone around your local shops and find out, I am not sure of the correct cost as it changes from bike to bike, depending on how easy it is to access the front sprocket, without the need to strip fairings and bike parts.

Mine was about £19.00 in FWR but thats cause it was quite easy for them to do it, as there’s no fairings to undo on my bike.

If you have the correct tools (or u can borrow them from a mate) and a chain splitter, and you are sure that the front sprocket its easily accessible you should be able to do it yourself and save some money, just bear this in mind that when you order from B&C Express, they send you the correct chain lenght in strict accordance with the size of the sprockets you have ordered, much easy if you replace like for like in tooth number and that way you won’t even need to fiddle with matching old and new chain lenghts, u just split the old chain, remove back wheel, change sprocket, then do the front one and put the back wheel back on and feed the new chain through and then use the chain tool to lock it.

Well im just gonna give it to my mechanic with my bike when he does a service just trying to work out whats the rough costs.

Is there anyway i can find out what chain length i need if i was to get from anywhere other than b n c if i was getting standard size sprockets.

Thanks btw

Also will i need some new gold bolts???