Chain adjustment after 200miles?

New chain and sprockets on the bike and I’ve just seen the chain is slack already after 200 miles.

Is it a simple case it’s a new chain and would stretch a little like cables do?

How much slack?

Shiv somethings not right…

wheel aligned ok, correct chain, sproc materials combo?

Or do you just ride like a total cockatoo

Was all supplied and fitted by a shop. I havnt checked wheel alignment or how tight it is just yet.

They do stretch in but that looks pretty slack to me…

I had exactly the same experience with a chain supplied and fitted by a suzuki shop years ago.

I normally source and fit my own chains and go for decent brands like D.I.D. and Afam, but I was working all hours including weekends and didn’t have the time to fit the chain myself so I had a shop source and fit the chain - in retrospect my mistake was not to specify a brand or supply the chain myself.

It needed serious adjusting very soon after fitting and after a few hundred miles the o-rings started falling off!

It needed replacing after only 4 to 5k - I normally get 15k out of a chain.

When I removed the chain I took a closer look at it - the side plates weren’t stamped with any manufacturer mark or even any indication of size or pitch and the o-rings seemed to be made out of very soft rubber, like liquorice - it was like it wasn’t a proper motorcycle chain - but some counterfeit cheap item knocked up to do an impression of a motorcycle chain!

I don’t like slagging off shops as most do a decent honest job - but I dug out the bill and took another look at it - they charged me the same price for this shite cheapo chain as something decent like a D.I.D. would cost - I got the impression that the shop was sourcing very cheap sub-standard chains and making a substantial mark up in profit as a result.

Not saying this has happened to you but it definitely happened to me.

Well I’ve got a new rear sprocket dunno what brand it is, havnt checked the front as I’ve seen it still has my old chain fitted

Every new chain I have fitted has done that, especially with old sprockets. I think the old chain wears a specific profile in the teeth and it takes a few hundred miles for the new chain to ‘bed in’. I would adjust it, then look at it after another 200 miles. If it is significantly loose then, take it back to the garage.

Guess you didn’t see my last post

It’s ment to be new chain and sprockets

I’ll get my coat…


You mean you asked for new chain and sprockets and they didn’t replace the chain! :crazy:

Have they charged you for a new chain? :ermm:

Yeap and Yeap £150 fitted

Bloody hell! :crazy:

I’m speechless . . . :blink:

Let us know how they deal with your complaint . . .

ferking hell… hope you’re taking it back to them?

Out of interest… how do you know it’s the same chain and not just an exact replacement?

I’m there now the guy was shocked and is gonna rip the mech a new one tomorrow.

I knew it was my old one as it was slightly rusty on the back and looked old. The new one was ment to be a did xlink which is gold my chain was black

Wow that is shocking… At least the guy who owns the store has agreed to fix the problem. I could understand that something wasn’t tightened but to me that is clearly a mechanic trying it on to make some money on the side by saying he put on a DID but re-putting back again the old one…

Now I don’t know which place it is but I can take a guess…

The mechanic wasnt on the ball that day I can’t see them pulling a fast one.

New chain fitted and ill see what discount they offer me when I replace my front tyre soon

check that they actually replaced your front sprocket too fella. fookin monkeys!

We all make mistakes - but that is a really embarassing one . . . :pinch:

Feck mate where did u go?