Chain adjuster for VFR NC30

Anyone know where I can get one?

Thanx peeps!

you mean the c spanner?

if its the same as the Bros (and therefore VFR800) i have a spare if you want.

Hmm I’m not sure if it is! U go to bmm at all, cud have a look there?

i work in the evenings, so never really get the chance to.

What’s special about it? I’ve got a bunch of sockets…

single sided swingarm

looks like this

and have you tried asking a local honda dealer if you can borrow one, worked for me (i had lost both of the ones i have :pinch: )

Looks just the ticket!

I’ll check the dealers and let u know!

I’ve got this:

You can have it if it fits, it’s no good to me.


Lol! Martin loving the pic!!

Are u in 2morrow? Might give it a go!

I get home at 5.30ish so can pop by just after??

Err I’ll be in a pub somewhere, not sure where yet. Does your fob open up GM’s car park? If so I’ll just leave it on my bike?

Yeh I can get it off ur bike then if that’s ok!
Ta muchly!

Yup it’s there on the back.