(New Bike & more)

I finaly got it!

Well actually got two things:

First a weekago I was told by my manager that my promotion has been accepted aswell as the salary that I requested (a nice jump upwards)! Very please about that as I didnt want to leave the job I am at the moment.

So looking at my finances, based on new salary (yes i did an excel spreadsheet - yes i am a geek) I decided I can afford a bike. And on Sat I went to Dobles test rode two CBF (Faired and Naked).

In the end logic (fairing,ABS,alarm,heated grips) won over and I bought a nice 05 CBF600S of the Silver kind!

I now have to wait till Monday as that is when it is delivered! counting down the days, hours,minutes (using more geeky excel docments ).

Ps. I remember a thread about naming bikes, and so with little thought (and imagination? ) i named the bike :



well i do think we ought to have a naming ceramony for new bikes…

Congrats matey, welcome to the CBF family

Well done mate

Thanks guys…

I can now turn up at my first LB meet with some dignity




what is that mean in greek?

MMM Ive got a new bike coming soon and i need to name that to.


means “congratulations”

You probably brought Roughies old one…

Grats on the promo & new ride etc…