CG 125 Probs - I need a man that can this weekend!

Morning! I’ve been wrestling with my CG in the rain for a couple of months now - basically every time it rains or theres some surface water my bike starts misfiring like theres no tomorrow & stalls when I come to a stand still, in fact you can feel it wanting to stop running when your moving so you have to keep the revs up which is a real, REAL pain doing an 18 mile journey down the A2 to London in the wet - cant let it idle cos it’ll die & I’ll be a hazard to everyone

Basically what Im after is someone to actually fix this for me at the weekend - I’ve spoken to the place local to me and they say they can look it but thats all very well but it doesnt mean to say its going to be fixed, obviously its something electrical and the only part thats exposed really is the HT lead & plug - I start a new job on Monday over in Kensington & need to have a working bike. I’ve had a go myself using dampstart - taken the tank off etc & the plastics, taped every thing up and etc and the final straw on sunday I covered the electric under the tank with a black bag & duck tape as I thought the rain was getting in under there as I go along but alas no difference - Im at my wits end without now and I feel like chucking a match in the tank next time it happens!

Do you know anyone in the Kent area that could possibly get this fixed for me? Im in Crayford


Cheers Charlie - the plug cap does seem a bit crap, I’ll pop out at lunch and get some vaseline packed in there, I always carry some WD40 so hopefully I’ll have a trouble free ride home


I can recommend a brillinat mechanic called Henry who’s based in Dartford (he’s ex Honda with 35 years experience and now runs his own garage with a colleague). Quite a few people from LB and a couple of bods from Boxhill have used him too with glowing results. He’s serviced my bikes for the last two years and also Chuffster’s ninja.

Henry doesn’t offer a loan bike service but if you’re in Crayford, I honestly don’t mind running you home. drop me a PM if you want me to give you Henry’s tel and details.

how old/wot con is yer air filter in?

Just wondering cos when you have open air filters and they get wet it bogs down etc. might just be a case of getting a new 1. try it, wont hurt cost of a filter.

Hi mate - Henry actually MOT’d my bike 6 weeks ago at Mays (and my car last year somewhere else) and gave me a card that I lost but after a bit of searching I found it the place on the net earlier in - its a place called D&H? Not too sure if he works there but Im assuming he’s the ‘H’ of the 2 but if hes handing me their card they must be ok. Booked in there next Sat morning but I’ve been to Boots and vaselined up the bits that Charlie mentioned so I’ll see how it goes tonight, if thats temporarily solved it I know whats causing it which is good. GarethRuislip also offered me his services so I’ll see how I get on tonight - hopefully I might have sorted it til next Sat.

Thanks for the help tho anyway - great forum this, I love it

Checked the air filter last week and seemed ok so I left it as it was but when this starts misfiring and stalling all it takes is a little surface water or a few spots of rain and it starts popping and banging and not wanting to run - something simple yet so so annoying!

whatabout the ignition switch ?

are the wires that come out of it sealed ?

Have you tried taking it to a mechanic? Looks like you’ve covered all the obvious bases and maybe it needs an expert?

Is it a fairly new one? Is the engine properly warm before you start? I had a CG 2004 model and it needed ages to warm up, couldn’t just start and ride off, had to coax it to life, in the winter it took ages. Also had to be careful not to flood it.

The ignition switch wires are sealed and I coated them in damp start along with pretty much the whole bike!

I’ve got it booked in with a mechanic for next weekend so hopefully he can get it sorted, I’ll probably be kicking myself when they find out what it is tho! Its a 1996/N reg, I do let it warm up before I set off and its fine - only when theres surface water or rain it starts misbehaving

Not changed that but it is one of the rubber ended ones, I packed it with vaseline like you said and also the rubbed some on the cap itself (which had been damp started aswell) - it did seem a bit better and didnt immediately start misfiring when I rode to work in the storm yesterday but when it eventually did I was screwing! The sooner its sorted the better as Im a real hazard sitting there at a junction kicking it over to get it running I try and beat the clouds home at the moment but thats pretty hard on my bike ha ha

I think you may have the answer if you did that with the plug cap and it didnt do as soon. Before you take it to a mechanic and get charged labour etc try changing the plug cap and see if it changes. Once you have exhausted every possible obvious thing you can think of then take it into someone. The plug cap is in the direct firing line of all the spray coming off the front wheel.