Cezzzzzarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!

Cez…Ive checked the rosta at work and I cant f**king believe I got the days off that match the first three England Fixtures… and…and…

The first three Brazil Fixtures…

We got to start arranging some meets matey…“PARRRRTEEEEEEH” !!!

17 days to go !!!


serious…bbq king of the manor and if ya local on the day ya welcome !!

Me me me me me, can I come, can i can i can i?

Count me in bud.

Tables already set…front row of the Barro terraces !!!

Party??? That’s a war mate! Inside the pub and in front the tv I don’t know you all! Brassssssiiiiiilllllllllllllllll!

Ohhhh mate…ok then…the gloves are on !!!..blow that whistle ref and lets get it on !!!

I think we need to post a fixutre list and a meeting venue list…

Go!!! …Give that person a Ceeeeeeeeegar !!!..

Great Idea…I,ll supply the Kleenex for Cez when they win diddly squat !!!

I can’t wait for that! Does anyone has any idea of venues? I’m looking into some! Brazilian safe ones if possible! lol

Im not fussy…I,ll watch ya lose anywhere !!!

You are not fussy becouse you are in ‘safe’ territory! Trust me, I will be hated here pretty soon! lol

In last case and I mean by that desperation, lol, I got a 44" TV and a longe that can accomodate 15 people(sitting around the TV obviously)! Just a thought…

No ya wont mate…no matter what happens were gonna have a party !..win lose or draw we are gonna enjoy …Trust Me !!

It’s a war!!! (please don’t get upset, it’s a joke between me and Barro) Barro , you can get upset! lol

(Forced edition: The wife made me tell you all that I will be supporting England is second chioce, that was the condition for her to take the pic and no flags were harmed either)




Love it??? but… but… you didn’t suppose too??? That’s not fun! lol

Oh dont you worry my dear friend…that has been printed its now going in to an industrial copier…I think about a thousand should do it and maybe a mail shot to every sports bar and pub I can think of !!

You,ll never get a beer in this town again !!!

??? Didn’t see that one coming… lol

LOL, love the photo Cezar! Even I will be up for watching England vs Brasil, and I don’t watch football!

Yeah, yeah! Get united boys you will need all the positive thinking you can put together, lol

Brasil!! never heard of em? i wouldnt worry about brasil friendly places! you’ll be out with us and there WONT be no bother!! quality pic aswell!