centre of peckham this morning

anyone know what was going on? road closed and fire engines etc. looked pretty serious so i’m assuming not the usual stabbing incident…

hopefully its all burnt down! :smiley:

lol. unfortunately not. rode through there tonight and it’s all still standing :frowning:

I guess it was this.


You play with lorries, you get burned. Being a fully licenced CE driver myself, I have to stay you have to be seriouslyl stupid to mess about with them. A fully loaded 40 tonner will crush a Fiesta like a tin can. I don’t think you’d even notice a cyclists.

+1 or lampposts, or concrete bollards or concrete walls :stuck_out_tongue: :Whistling:

What an odd ******* comment to make.

I can understand it, as a regular bus passenger and pedestrian in London I am forever seeing cyclists coming up the inside of buses and lorries that are indicating to turn left.

I lorry weighing 40’000kg is hardly going to notice the impact of a cyclist weighing 75kg, and will merely carry on.

Yes there are incidences were the cyclists are not a fault, but if you are a vulnerable road user behave defensively and don’t take risks.

Accepted but it was the tone of the comment that I was objecting to. “You play with lorries you get burned”. Let’s spare a thought for the poor blinkers who get maimed or die rather than criticise them.