Central London roads closed this weekend


You’ve probably all seen the yellow signs dotted around fowarning but major cycling events this weekend mean lots of road closures.

Probably not worth using the roads at all in South West London or Surrey this weekend!

Question is, if the cyclists can get lots of roads closed for their hobby (and if they can, fair play), who do we speak to about getting the B184 closed for the exclusive, one way use of LondonBikers.com members for a Saturday?

Two hopes for that happening Stuart and Bob is dead.

I’m meant to be going from Epsom to Fenchurch street at 8.30am… the tfl site says Saturday is going to be light so may chance it but have to give girlfriend a lift to work. Maybe I just give her a lift to the train station! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thanks for the warning :slight_smile:

And Stuart you are bang onto something there!

Imagine getting Richmond Park closed for the weekend, only open to bikers, all travel one direction and no speed restrictions!

And deer on the BBQ later :smiley:

I think if bikers could make six or seven figures for charity it’d be a much better argument for closing roads…

I won’t be doing the full course, but I’m doing the short one Sat and also taking part in the attempt at the world record. I think Oli is doing the full 100 miles Saturday, good luck to him!

Me and Cindy are doing the same route in Sept, feel free to sponsor us too :stuck_out_tongue: