Centere stand

Hi all wondered if anyone knew the best place to pick up a centre stand for a bonneville :slight_smile:

My Bonnie already had one fitted when I brought it, they are handy. Triumph dealers do them (obviously!) but they’re not cheap. Depends on what you want to pay? I’ve seen them new on e bay, but I have read on other forums that some people have had problems fitting these. You might get a second hand one if you look around. But if I was you I’d go to Norman Hyde (google it) their stuff is very good quality and cheaper than the genuine Triumph parts. They’ve been around for years and do lots of tasty stuff for Hinckley (and Meriden) twins! They do a centre stand for around £100 and it’s made in Britain!

(ps - I’ve got a screen, crash bars and panniers I’ve taken off my 2006 T100 - if you’re interested pm me)