Celebrity Van Driver


No one told me we had a famous celeb for the day to drive the van in France. Did anyone else notice?


ruby or gina.jpg

oi are you saying i look like ruby wax!!! i havent got teeth like her or a pair of boobs like her!!!

i know its the hair im bovverd im bovverd hair bovverd

Is this Gina or Ruby Wax dressed up.

john i told you not to get them pics out !! please dont show my pin up nude ones!!!

isnt this more like it



or it could be!!!



Is that before the hairdo?

yes hun!! its amazeing wat a new hairdo can do to u it even gave me bresats


Is that what you look like in the morning before you put your make up on, if it is you must be related to my wife.

no john thats after i put it on!!!

Did it ?

no hun i wish!! still got nowt there

That’s not what we saw at the lunch table in France babe


Lasting memories for Ginger no doubt.

Yeah! It stopped him thinking about food…

i didont mean to fall out !!! im suprised anyone noticed!!!