ccm r30

How’s it going, i’m Adi i’m new to the site. Can anyone tell me whether they know of any revelations in putting knobblies on an r30? I know the swing arm is shorter but has anyone heard of it being done?

i ran some off a dual sport on my r30 it wasnt great, suspention was too hard and as you may no the r30 rear lght unit and front light unit break lol.

Ha ha yeah roger, Just sold a dt and kept the r30 and wanted to keep going greenlaning with the boys. What size wheel did you put on the back? And how big a mortgage did you have to take out after each outing to repair the bike…?

You don’t get to see R30s very often these days. Funnily enough I stopped at lights next to one on my way into work this morning and had a little chat with the rider - seemed a nice geezer :wink:

Aye they’re all fun and stained pants, like you say they’re pretty rare these days though. I commute to work on mine, about 100 miles each way, it’s tough on the arse mind.

i green lane all my motos on moto wheels, knoblies are for gays. apart from the front and rear lights breaking as there chinese quality plastic lol they were fine. my old r30 had 37k miles on it of pure abuse and my mate still rides it now runing fine lol.

A 100 mile commute on a supermoto! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

In order to judge how mad/hard/dangerously twisted you are I’d like more info:

How many days a week?How many weeks a year?From where to where and on what kind of roads?Are you on medication, if so then what?!!!:hehe: