CCM R30 stolen in hackney (+ WR250F + XL600R)

'05 Yamaha wr250f blue & white
reg. EJ55 LMY
chassis: 9690
engine: 014043

'02 CCM R30 black, fake carbon head cowl,
reg. GK52 UOB
Engine P411-123193

'86 Honda XL600F red & white, blue seat, rather knackered
reg D229 UGT

£1000 reward per bike - Please let MAG know if you think you know anything,

MAG central office email address: [email protected]
or ring 0870 - 444 8 448

or ring

Bethnal Green Police station 020 8983 1212

They left the CBR 600RR and the SV650, because they had alarms & would have made noise (they’re all parked in front of someone else’s flat). They cut their way through the metal grill on the gate & just opened it with the latch & loaded them in the van (the CCM wasn’t running).

Going to go to the police now & check out pikeyland but I reckon the two good ones will be shipped oop north or stripped for parts…