CCM 2004

I’m thinking of getting one of these for my 8 mile commute into london.

Anyone got any experiance of these?

Decent ones seem to go for £2k ish

From what I’ve read they are OK but for the money I’d be better off with an XT660X.

Anyone like the XT660X for around town, whats the fueling like at low speed and off/on the throttle?


no idea but the XT is one of the best selling bikes in greece, especially for some of us lucky enough to live in the centre. Never heard any complaints with it… :slight_smile:

I had the yamaha XTz it was a good bike in a functional way .But It was dull as dishwater and slow as a week in the jail . The yamaha feels very much built to a price and aint a supermoto its only a moto . Suspension etc is adequate but not very adjustable . The power will give you wheeling action with judicious clutch flicks but in a straight drag race the BMW funduro is faster . I swopped it for a Ktm and was much happier with that .

CCM . . Now thats more like it . . Crazy good fun incredibly light and as thin as a crack whore . Some Early suzuki engine ones had a case gasket issue but by now chances are its been done and if not it easy enough to correct . Ideally you want a 2006 onwards as I think thats when it was replaced with a steel gasket . Suspension etc is good quality and the sum of the parts adds up to more than the yamaha .
There are questions about ccm reliability . . But so far so good with the 2 I know of getting regular thrashing. One of which has even been used to in on a tour as he thinks the kawa z1000 he has is now a ’ fat heavy redundant pig of a bike that will be on ebay shortly ’ .

OK back to looking at CCM’s. I like what you say about thinness.

I would also consider a drz400sm or a ktm.

DRZ400SM - all seem pricey at well over £2500, but I like the cheap tax/ins and cheap plastics.

KTM’s - sexy, but worried about service intervals and depreciation. ie I think a well maintained ccm will hold its price better.

I might even consider a versys.

Its going to be a second bike for commuting on and must be able to take speed bumps at speed!

What about an XR? I mean Sneaky’s XR simply refuses to die… :smiley:

I am very happy with my KTM (625 SMC) but it is a second bike and only gets used for commuting 1-2 days a week. Service intervals on the 625 are every 3,000 miles (at the moment, waiting to see how regular they become in the future).

I also had the 625 ktm . . Great bike I bought oil filters in packs of 16 and changed the oil every 2000 miles or so . I sold it at 15000 miles and it was still going strong .

I had the honda fmx 650 its got the old domi engine in it . Out the crate its pretty wheezy but once it had a full arrow system and flat slide carb fitted it turned into a much better bike . . Probably best to buy the XR and get the grunt from the outset .

Suzuki 400 I only test rode one and was quickly unimpressed . I think it carries to much weight for the engine . It may also like the honda improve with some tuning and from what I hear there is lots of goodies available for them now .

That’s not a bad idea…

I have a cash and carry shopping style :smiley:

I think westie’s got a CCM - ask him what it’s like.

Anything ‘fun’ (supermoto wise) won’t be fun on the pocket. I commute on an Aprilia 550 SXV - it’s amazing fun, thin and agile for filtering and getting through cars and small gaps, but it drinks like an alcoholic fish, wants a lot of expensive oil, needs a lot of TLC, and even then the engine will eat itself eventually.

I had the xt660x (not the z like numnum), and I have really regretted selling the bike. It’s the perfect commuter (yes, better and much more practical than my superduke or ktm 520 EXC in town). It really isn’t dull at all when set up nicely (mine had some good mods), it’s quite good fun.
Take one for a test ride and compare it to the drz, ktm lc4 and a ccm if you can find one, and just get the one you’ll like best.
If you ask here you’ll just get biased views as obviously everyone likes their own bikes best.

thanks driesie I think i remember you sold yours or advertised it on here.

Did you have the kevin mod on urs? did it make a big diff? What was it like over speed bumps? could you jump them or just go over them as if they werent there?

Yes, I sold mine way too cheap.
I bought mine with most mods already. It had stage 2 DNA filter, PCIII and open Akrapovic exhausts. I also changed the rear shock (Wilbers).
It was really comfy, so people say it’s a “soft” Supermoto, but that makes it a perfect commuter, and with the mods I had, it kept up pretty well with the “real” SMs (and other bikes) in the lanes up to about 60mph. The gearing is perfect until then. I think 100mph is about the maximum speed, but it’s only comfy up till about 85.
I can’t talk for the DRZ as I haven’t owned one, but that seems a quite good commuter as well.
The XT and DRZ are available new and haven’t changed much over the years, so it should be easy to get a test ride of those bikes even if you plan to buy second hand.

I have owned a DRZ400SM and Driesies description about the XT660 says it all.

The DRZ is pretty much the same. With a few mods and +3 on rear sprocket its not slow from 0-60mph but not really comfy while cruising over 80mph. If u are looking for a bike for London then the DRZ isnt a bad choice. The seat is quit low for a SM so u can put booth feet on the ground while waiting for green lights, its not the most powerfull bike but still plenty to have fun. Carb fueled so very smooth at low speed. Bullet proof engine, spare parts cheap as chips etc…U could get a decent one for 2.5k with all the mods done allready.The DRZ is 20kg lighter as XT but it has less power. Never tryied the XT but i think its a bit better than the DRZ when doing more than 70mph because of the extra ponnies.

It look to be a toss up between the two, so I need to get the money together and start going on test rides.

Thanks all!