CBT x 2

We had 2 LB’ers taking their CBT’s that I know of today. I know that one of you passed, what about the other? Both of you pls step forward and “Start Spreading The News” (Da, da, da-da-da, da, da, da-da-da!):cool:

yes ms-mad-dog-hofty passed today from her last cbt expiring:cool: she got her a2 test july

hope the other rider passed

I’ve passed, I’ve passed. Yeepee ya yeah:P

Well done to you both:)

Have you got bikes already or is it time to go shopping?;):cool:

Hey Well done to both of you :smiley:

well done Ms mad dog and why aren’t you on the forum spreading the good news:)well done to you too DC book the test now :cool:

Congratulations to you both.Well done!!!:smiley:


Thought you was at your swingers club this weekend Broady;):smiley:

Tomorrow 1130,I’ve got to go on the bike as well,no room in the car for me:w00t:

Last time i went up that way I got done for speeding at Mildenhall on M11/A14:doze:Be careful;)

Mazal-Tov Ladies!:kiss:I wanna go on that Mito Ms Mad-Dog!:w00t: Get the other half of yours out there working on it!

Congratulations :slight_smile:

well done ladies!

Congrats to both of you!

Well done, both of you, my boy takes his CBT on the 21st of June, fingers crossed.

Congratulations ladies!! Look forward to seeing you on the road :cool:

well done to both of you.

I’ll soon have to go shopping. Hope you guys on the forum will be able to help.

well done all

Welcome to the fold new riders!