CBT training recommendation/help

Right, well my CBT expires on 10th October.

So I phoned Bikewize, who I did my test with before to book myself in for a weekday in early October (week of 5th - 9th). It’s all ok, and I ask how much the deposit is and she tells me they no longer take deposits because they ‘keey getting messed around’ (surely that’s what a deposit is there for?!). I can’t afford the whole fee upfront, and tell her that my pay day is too close to guarantee that I can do my CBT in time.

On their website it still says thaty take deposits. It’s not like I’m going to mess them about anyway, I need my bike to commute!

Anyway, so now I’m all miserable and almost panicking because I need to find somewhere that I can do my CBT and only have to pay a deposit. So please has anyone got a recommendation?

I live in Surbiton, by the way.

What about these guys?

No idea if they’re any good, but they’re close to surbiton

I used Thinkbike in Ham. Not sure about the deposit thing - but near enough to Surbiton.


(also got me through my DAS)

Don’t see a link :slight_smile:

Cool I shall give them a ring

i used Ace rider training and they use southbourgh school so near as can be, Great people and alot of fun, bikes are well maintaned as well. Deffo worth a try!

I did a CBT with Bikewize and a year later, did one with Elite in Wimbledon to get some geared bike experience. Elite were far more professional. Don’t know about deposits though

I used BikeWize and failed with them… they sucked gave me no attention and on the test day moaned that i hadn’t picked up certain things (i paid for 5 days with them and only got attention on my test day … met them at 7am and test was at 9am…need i say more)

they were **** and would recommend them to no-one!

ThinkBike on the otherhand were the nuts. very professional, great laugh and give solid, sound advice… can’t big them up enough! And i passed no worries with them!

I used Passmasters and they were excellent…but they’re a bit far for you as they’re in Yeading!

I did my with metropolis in Vauxhall… i had no problems with them but i know alot of others have complained…

I think alot of people have problems with the servicing there but the training is good i hear!

The link I failes to provide would have been for Elite, in Wimblydon

Cool, thanks everyone!!

I now have my CBT booked with Thinkbike. Huzzah! :smiley:

Definitely not going back to Bikewize again. I should have learnt when I lost my CBT certificate, it took me two months chasing them up to do me a new one. I think eventually the day I showed up to collect it, they just ran upstairs and did it there and then anyway.

Sent them an e-mail pointing out that their terms and conditions on their website says that they take a deposit to secure a booking.

I used these guys in edware for my DAS and found them very good, nice people to deal with as well.