CBT - suitable clothes

So I am going for my CBT this weekend but I still do not have proper shoes and jacket, I guess.

I do have typical trainers but I guess that is not enough (just some strandard Nike+ for running). I also do have a typical water/wind-proof summer jacket but it is pretty thin. Maybe I should wear a jumper under it? Do I really need a proper motorbike jacket with some protective bits?

It probably sounds a bit silly but I just cannot see a point of spending couple of hundred pounds on a proper jacket and shoes/boots before I even own a motorbike. I definitely do not want to buy anything cheap just for now but it looks like I have no choice, right?

By the way: despite the fact I am up for a DAS training in September, I am going for a scooter for CBT, just to have that first day a bit easier than the rest. I just do not want to be turned out from CBT just because I could not learn how to change gears smoothly. I will have plenty of time to learn how to do it later on, during my DAS training. Is that any bad?

As long as you don’t turn up in swimming trunks/bikini you should be ok on the CBT - just dress sensibly. Decent jeans, gloves.When you go for the larger bike test it’s worth dressing in proper gear (for safety obviously) + it will make you look more conscientious and serious about your riding in the eyes of the examiner. Every little bit helps and you will make a good impression.

It’s worth hiring a gear change 125 a week before and/or during your training week so that you can get used to smooth control of clutch and gears.

When I was doing my CBT/Direct access I used to take the tube up to my CBT/DAS centre in full leathers and boots :D:blush: which probably made me appear pretty bizarre to my fellow commuters, who probably thought I was going to a fetish club with Max Mosely. The full leathers and boots things looked a bit overkill also on the little custom cruiser style yrb125 which I rode for a couple of weeks.

Does the place where you are doing the CBT not provide the lid, jacket gloves? All the schools I enquired with provided all these. When I did my CBT I used the schools clothing and my own jeans. Once passed CBT and got a 125; then obviously own lid, proper jacket and gloves. Got some crappy boots at first.

Needed to ‘look’ the part for DAS so got matching trousers. Had an absolute down pour one day during the DAS and my boots filled with water. Glad I got most the gear (paticularly bone dry underneath) as some lad who was also doing the DAS got a soaking in his jeans, trainers etc.

Rewarded myself after passing DAS with a big bike and some Sidi B2 Gortex boots.

Just don’t turn up wearing steel toe-capped boots, they didin’t allow a lad to do his CBT when he turned up wearing these.

When I did my CBT back in February I was told by the centre to wear Jeans and solid boots preferably without laces, but I only had lace up boots so had to tuck the laces into the boots (no steel toecaps and no trainers). The centre provided me with Helmet, jacket, gloves etc.

I would advise you give the centre you are going to take your CBT at a ring and ask them direct. You never know they may allow trainers.

Good luck and enjoy your day, its great fun. Let us all know how you get on.:slight_smile:

I would say wear as sturdy cloths as you have. If you have any walking boots or something similar wear those (no steel tips though!). Good jeans (not ripped) and if you have a denim jacket or something sturdy, use that. Don’t go and buy the kit before your CBT I would say, you never know you may not like it or not get on with it.

for my CBT i had trainers and a few layers of clothing…im not sure if you’ve ever been pillion or not but on a not-so-sunny day it gets quite breezy even at 30mph.i would suggest a raincoat purley because it’ll stop wind hitting your upper body.check with your training school though because they will answer any specifics!