CBT London - Recommendations Please

Can anyone recommend a place for my daughter to do a CBT in London. Cost is not the issue I am looking for somewhere where the training is good and lip service is not paid to the day!

Many thanks

London’s a relatively large place, but most people I know who I saw do their training and testing did it with these guys:


nobody’s complained yet

If you’re out West, Terry and Lewis are a couple of good lads and also occasional lurkers on here… http://mctlondon.co.uk/

Many thanks - you are right I should have been more specific. Ideally West London but she will travel for the right place.

those guys have amazing feedback from many bikers http://advantagewimbledon.com/ havent used them before but l constantly hear about them for CBT and DAS

+1 for Terry and Lewis http://mctlondon.co.uk/ They are in Hounslow.

dont go to bikestrobe in barnet, i did my 2nd cbt there and it wasn’t amazing from a “im learning for the first time” perspective, advantage wimbledon are meant to be mint

My other half did her CBT plus mod 1 & 2 at Camrider Hendon.
They seemed pretty good, it looked and sounded like there were a few x met there, that was about 5 yrs ago.

Phoenix Ewell get my thumbs up, I saw them, quite rightly in my opinion, refuse to give a guy his CBT when he proved he wasn’t competent enough, but not before spending a bunch of extra time with him to help him as much as possible.

I did my DAS with them, and having gone on to do the IAM thing I’ve found they were already instilling parts of that system (e.g. the positioning etc.) into my riding even then.

So, yeah, proper job: won’t pass her unless she’s safe, but will teach beyond the basic requirements where possible.

+2 for Terry and Lewis http://mctlondon.co.uk/ They are in Hounslow.

Terry and Lewis do a good CBT… They get my vote…

I got a CBT and DAS through passmasters a couple of years apart, grotty training area but good instructors and decent selection of bikes/scooters

Also within easy distance of uxbridge test centre for practice runs when you come to do your DAS


West London motorcycle training in Bedfont, http://www.westlondonmotorcycletraining.com/
or as others have said mctlondon.co.uk

I’d recommend Phoenix Motorcycle Training for CBTs as well (but then I do work as an instructor there!). We have dedicated training areas at our sites at Foots Cray/Sidcup and at New Addington in Croydon. In the six months I’ve been there we’ve taken in six new Honda CBF125s and also have 50 and 125cc scooters if you want to do that instead. If it’s a particular issue for the daughter we do have female instructors as well.


Whereabouts in London are you?

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I didn’t do mine in London but my sister did and she thought Passmasters were way better than the previous place she did her CBT at.
…so +1 for Passmasters at Northolt.

1+ for passmasters great with us girls! Patient.

Advantage Wimbledon (recommended above) were awful when my girlfriend did her CBT. Cannot recommend them.

I did my whole training with http://www.northlondon-mct.co.uk/contact.shtml

Its an excellent place! just make sure you do your CBT on a geared motorbike

Actually there was one girl, she had never even ridden a bicycle! but the instructors were very nice to her and she actually passed her CBT on the day!

+1 to an unpleasant experience with Advantage Wimbledon.
I did my 2nd CBT with https://www.universalmct.co.uk/ and had much better time with a much more relaxed instructor than I’ve had in Advantage Wimbledon.