Well testing the water to sell my blade. Would make perfect mini project, track bike or use on road as a second bike you dont really care about.

Its a 1997 CBR900RR with 31000 miles. It has 4 months tax and MOT till april. New rear tyre not long fitted and only really scrubbed in, front still has plenty of miles left. New rear sproket early this year 3 teeth up from stock.
The tail section has been changed out for the new model and blends in well giving a slightly more modern look to the back end.
It does have aftermarket headers with cut down D&D (12 inches) race can which gives a real motogp sound. LED tail light also fitted. R&G crash bungs not yet fitted are also included and are brand new.

So why is it damaged? I had a low slide on some ice a few months ago. I have sourced bell pan and side panel which will be included, also complete rear tail section from the same model. 2 spare stock tail lights and a pair of black fork sheilds.

Things that will need replacing
Clutch cover is cracked but does not leak
Fork seals
New chain in time

So what am I asking, offers around £1900 for all the above plus anything else I find hiding in the garage.









If interested giz a shout on 07922529093 or send a PM

If I have missed anything post up.

Sorry mate but you will never get that money for that bike,ive owned 15 blades from that era.

your bike is worth around 1200 because of the condition the damage and th different colour scheme

i think you should go to spec savers mate,it an 97 blade not even in good nick for £2,200 i think this is more like a £1,500 -1,750 bike sorry to be so honest,

Your welcome to your own opinions!

“The tail section has been changed out for the new model and blends in well giving a slightly more modern look to the back end.”

Doesn’t look like a different rear end in those pictures???

NOW SOLD full askin price woohoo!