CBR900RR for sale

Honda CBR900RR 98’ fox eye model racing rear sets, carbon akrapovic can, low mileage for age a few marks and scuffs on bodywork but engine very sound and reliable

It is will make a excellent track bike or a bit of TLC to get it back to a real head turner
had a complete check over last winter, gave to mechanic and said check it over, anything that need tightening or fixing do it, it had a new clutch, new rear tyre, and a few other little bits done and since then have done about 300 miles,

I will regret selling it but it need to fund another hobby of mine,

it just aint getting the use anymore, and would rather let someone else enjoy it,

£1300 but open to offers

any info get in touch

Pics not working. If you could upload pics I may know someone who will be very interested.

Awww wish i had the dosh i’d have that like a shot:crying:

mmmm next project… tempting…

how many miles?

awwwwwww…they are lovely bikes them…one of my faves, I love the 9RRs, would have it in a heartbeat…if I had the cash…

any chance of putting a pic up? the photo in OP not working :ermm:

mileage is 30,000

I will have to dig out a pic or take one tonite…

its the yellow and purple colours if that helps anyone

That’ll be the RR-V model, one of the best blades IMO. My mate has had one for over 10 years and he simply won’t part with it and he mixes it with the latest bikes without any problems. Someone get this bought, it’s a bargain. Wish I had the money/space for another one.

Need Pic’s

you can say that again mate… ive had a few battles with brand new ducati’s, and a few 1000’s but thats got to do with the riders…
but for the money you will show a few posers up on it for sure… with your old skool blade!!

as i said i dont want to part with it… but just dont get the use of it anymore…

I wont get the time to put pics up till the weekend because of work…

Yes, need pics!!!

pics will be put on here tonite or tommorow morning keep your eyes peeled…


Someones a bit excited :stuck_out_tongue:

For our non ozzy members





damn I’d have that in a blink

Any takers before I change my mind…

Would you consider a swap :wink: