CBR600RR Lowering link & cut-down sidestand

Got small legs? Want a fast bike but struggling? Preferably have a CBR600rr?

Then I have for sale a Cycle Logic CBR600RR Lowering link & associated cut-down sidestand.
Link has 3 positions - stock, 2" lower, 4" lower, stand set for 2" position.

I’ve had it on my bike for about 1,000 miles in 3 months, set on the middle setting (I have 30" legs).
Selling because I’ve returned bike to stock for sale

I’ve not noticed any degradation in the handling, other than the occasional speed bump graunch, and if anything it handled better for me than it did before.

This is a quality item, not one you’ll see for sale new on eBay here, but you can in Canada
at the price of $160 (approx £116) + postage.

As well as fitting the link & sidestand (jack bike up whilst stopping it falling over, take out 2 bolts & associated spacers, swap links, refit bolts & spacers, swap sidestands, lower bike) you’ll need to lower the yoke on the forks (5 minute job) and adjust the headlight aim (5 minute job). It’s a DIY job if you’ve got a jack and can stop the bike falling over, otherwise any competent garage should be able to do it in an hour’s billable time.

Fitting the original link is the reverse.

The price of £60 is a third of that if you bought the link new & got a sidestand & got it cut down.

PM me if you’re interested.