CBR600f Streetfighter for sale...

Guys, it breaks my heart to sell this bike. It is in need of some TLC to get it back on the road, but will make somebody a cracking project, or even just a commuter hack, depending on what you want it for.

So, it is a CBR600fw (98 model) and was my first bike when I started riding.
Sadly she has been the victim of diesel twice now, the first time leading to her being streetfightered, and the second time causing her rear left fairing to be smashed, as well as myself being a bit bruised up. Both drops were at less than 25mph and the damage has literally just been to the plastics and the left side crash bung.

Anyway, after the last crash (february 2010) I put her into the corner of the garden and she has sat there since, fighting off spiders and rust! :crying:
So, I’ve had a look at the wee beasty and I reckon she could be on the road after nothing more than a new chain and sprockets, a left rear fairing and a left hand side crash bung.

Other than that the bike has a Beowulf tri-oval can (Sounds amazing!) and Acewell Clocks (as shown in the pictures).

So, any offers appreciated guys. I’m moving to an apartment in the next few weeks and don’t want this bike to spend even more time waiting for the TLC it deserves. It’s a great bike and brilliant fun to ride. :cool:







a mars bar and a tea ?

you are going to have to give an idea of price

Make a sensible offer! :smiley:

Not looking for much for it, any offers by PM please. :slight_smile:

Thanks Nath :smiley: its now home safe and hubby is fettling already;)

yeah, once again mate, huge thanks :smiley:

you know your welcome to visit her anytime(the bike that is) lol

just jumped it off the 4x4, prrr’s like a kitten

Glad you like it mate! :wink:

Now, get it sorted out, and make it roar like a lion! :cool:

Why do I have the feeling that no matter where Nathan had parked the bike for that picture it would have had a crate of empty beer cans in the background? :smiley: