cbr600f stolen rotherhithe 15th oct


yellow cbr600fy, yellow/teal, stolen from gated residential parking early hours of 15th oct. T966 KLE , Silver Akapovic exhaust - Posting in the hope someone spots it abandoned in the area


Thats my area mate. Check the ecological park area which Salter Rd encircles. Theres a path that runs from the roundabout at the junction of Quebec way, opposite Onega gate. Youths often ride stolen peds around there.

yep my area too m8, try also silwood st and that area, will keep eyes peeled

She’s the one in the middle. Sorry to hear about this mate.

Thanks for the info, will have a scout around those areas
Ta for the photo Joby

Seems to have been a few bikes being stolen from the SE area in the last few weeks. A Triple from Shooters Hill & a Ninga from Deptford. Both possibly by the same 2 cnuts seen riding 2up on a scooter.
Just a heads up.

Recovered - found it abandoned just off salter road by canal - ignition barrel seems f****d, wires cut, steering lock broken but otherwise seemingly in good shape. Looks like attempted joyride?
Guess i’ll look for a van to take it to Essential over the weekend. Glad to have it back

Thats fekin excellent news mate! Really pleased you got it back. I did have a scout around myself as I had a feeling if it was taking for “joyriding” thats where it would be.