CBR600 FS - Looking for recommedations/thought on which Exhaust?

Hey Guys, next job on the list is to change the stock exhaust for something which actually makes a little noise, maybe a few HP and updates the look of the bike a little - well ok looking for something to that makes a nice noise! Been following a few people recently on the commute, and noticing that a bit more nosie certainly is a bit of a safety benefit as well.

Thinking of Scorpion, Blueflame (had both on cars before), Beowulf (seeing these around a fair bit), Micron/Laser/Remus (just because I’ve seen some deals). Really like the stubby Scorpion cans too. Looking for something with removeable baffles and “for road use”

Anyone had any of these and recommend them based on their experience?

I’ve got a nice titanium and carbon blueflame on my 600F1, sounded good but sounds even better now I have had it chopped down a tad :smiley:

Agree that if you are commuting you should def be heard, loud cans save lives :slight_smile:

A few years ago I had a CBR600F-X and the race can I had was a carbon D&D slip-on, it was awesome, well made and sounded very good but no removable baffles.I recently bought a s/h Carbon Can Co stainless steel road/race oval can on eBay for my mille and it has a removeable baffle, was only kept in place by one rivet which was already taken away from the original owner, has the (BE?) stamp on the rim, so no worries and sounds very nice plus is very light considering its made of stainess steel, shiny like a mirror and solid to boot.

I’ve had scoprion cans in the past on a bike but in the long run the carbon around the hanger tended to wear out because of the vibration, don’t think its such an issue on metal cans.


Above you can see a metal can for a cbr from carbon can co and the baffles in the picture on the lower left, you just shove them in and secure with a rivet or something else if you want to keep them in place, you might be able to use it and just buy another link pipe from the company.

You can see on the picture shown at their website http://www.carboncan.co.uk/ what I mean about the baffles and the rivet.

Of course if money is no object just skip to the chase and buy an Akrapovic or Yoshimura Titanium slip on and just use your stock can for MOTs. :wink:


ahh if only money was no object this thread would be called “the dream garage” and would include a Ducati 1098 and Termi’s. Maybe I might start that thread up anyway.

Cheers for the input already and will check out the links

hi . since my 2 stroke days not been big on aftermarket exhausts but a few years back ran a cbr 600 that came with a scorpion can that seemed all noise and no go ( and no offence but most inline 4 600s need revving to get the best out of ) so made the choice of a Quill . excellent pipe not too loud ( T3 ) not too quiet and a good alround performance increase also a lot cheaper than yoshi etc

ps just looking at your words again if Quill dont appeal Remus worth looking at

Ok been looking around and have found a great deal on a Scorpion oval for a CBR600f, found out through much searching that the only difference between this and a FS version is the centre stand bump stop. Looks like I might just have to get the angle grinder out - will save me over £120 off the normal price. Yes I am a bit of a tight arse at the moment, just bought a set of tyres and looks like a new battery is now needed too along with the new LED’s that I just had to have!

I’ll let you all know how I get on - hoping the neighbours don’t complain too much, but then one of them is a Harley owner with straight through pipes!!

thought I’d update you guys. Got the Scorpion oval from M&P on Ebay (£130!) - was listed as being for a CBR600 inj, but they couldn’t tell me if it was for a F or FS. Well only real difference is the F version has a stop for the centre stand so took a punt. Turned up on Monday, result it’s for the FS!!

Now the fun starts, tried fitting yesterday and it won’t fit on the downpipe - arrgghh. Previous owner has cut his old exhaust of at the end of the downpipe leaving the remainder still on the original, it’s about 3mm to thick! The original FS exhaust which he put back on for the sale has then been widened/stretched to fit over. Question do I try and do the same with the S/S Scorpion link pipe, or do I use a combination of blow torch, hacksaw and pliers to try and get it off?? Any advice would be appreciated as don’t want to screw this up royally!!

combo of heat, penetrative spray ( careful with the heat!! lol) and taap it off with a chisel carefully would be my first attempt… Just a suggestion tho - im not a mechanic.

actually concidered running it with no exhaust and letting the pipes get nice and hot to see if they have different expansion rates - think the neighbours may get the arse though!!

Ok finally all sorted - was just a load of exhaust wrap and gum used to make the down pipe a little larger for some reason!! pair of needle nose pliers and some heat sorted it out just fine.

Scorpion exhaust is a little on the loud side without the DB Killer - but that’s as yet to go back in!! Have been finding all the tunnels I can - A406 by the A10 and then by Bounds Green are close by and have been abused!! Defo makes other road users notice you, filtering is far easier and safer.

Anyway thought I’d post a pic to share

Looks nice matey