CBR125R fuel injection????

alreet my pedigree chums

does anyone know if it is possible to convert my standard CBR125R into fuel injected???

if so would it be too much hassle or would it be too expencive?

if the answer to both them questions is no…then does anyone know where i can get it done in london or bedfordshire??



Anything is possible if you are willing to throw lots of money at the problem:cool:

The question is…why?

What do you hope to gain from putting FI on your scoot?

scoot??? cheeky bugger hahawell as for ‘why?’…well id like a few more mph for my horses…is that so wrong…id get a bigger bike but still a learner…n im thinkin bout puttin in for ma test but my bikes knackered and im really skint with no job…aint my life wonderfull at the moment haha.cheers,joHn:P

I call them all scoots, even 1000s so don’t be offended;)To be honest I think you are barking up the wrong tree for three reasons.1/ IF you could find a fuel injection system to fit your bike it would be a costly exercise and probably cheaper to do your test and get a cheap secondhand bigger bike.2/ By altering your learner legal bike in such a way you will be making it illegal and your insurance would be invalid and we don’t want you getting into bother do we?3/ You wouldn’t really be gaining masses of power from just a fuel injection system. You would need to alter other stuff like cam timing and the exhaust system to see much in the way of power gains.My advice would be to start saving for your test:)

not in any rude way, but the best mod on a 125 is to lose weight…also empty out your bikes storage compartment!..when i switched from carrying an almax chain to a oxford chain my bike felt faster already.

any performance mod gains will be minimal…i have a full arrow system for mine that im gonna fit when i have time…so ill post up if it made any difference in speed but i really doubt it will…i only got it for the sound.

although FI is good, the carbs should be doing their job just fine on the cbr. [im sure there is a way to clean/balance/service the carb but i know nothing about that stuff…someone else here prob will know]

o yeah i agree…save up and do your test if you can, it’s better than doing any mods! [plus ur saving the weight/air resistance of riding with L-Plates right?! lol]

stop being pussies and buy RS125s :smiley:

stop being pussies and buy RS125s :smiley:

Surely one would do;):P:D

ive got zephitis :smiley:

if its a two stoke dont they sound like a wet fart like a nsr125 or yzf125???



they sound like lawnmowers!!! and if u restrict a RS125 on a cbt license then its no quicker than the cbr…prob be slower cos its heavier

My old RS with power valve and rejetted exhaust was good for 115mph 120with the wind down hill :smiley:

looks like a proper bike smells good cos its a two stroke. and you will learn twice as much about handeling :wink:


Don’t do it. Much better doing other things for performance.

id stick with the carb on such a small bike. lol my gamma sounds deeper than rs125’s etc. but most 2ts sound like lawn mowers:D

Never blew up once in 4 years! granted I went through a set of rings which were replaced as part of a service! use good fully synthetic putolene race oil and your good to go :slight_smile:
Id take 2stroke perfomance and high pitch yelping over four stroke reliablity and “performance” any day :cool:

a bit off both would be nice the gamma ain’t been to bad lately since i fixed the water problem it actually worked in the rain on Saturday!! with out the ht shorting out LOL Gd old Holt’s ignition sealer:D

Manufacturers only go to the trouble of fitting FI to get past emmission tests. Thinking that cr*p might improve performance is illusional.

Example? The Monoposta racing guys in the US throw away the FI from the 650/660 Minardi built customer engines fitted to a lot of big production singles and fit twin, flat slide, Mikuni carbs.

That change is reckoned to be worth 5 BHP or 8 bhp with an Akropovic exhaust system.

Without wishing to be rude, forget the idea.