CBR1000rr Fireblade lifted in Greenwich yesterday

nicked outside the Odeon off of bugsbys way yesterday around 15:00, youths on scooters apparently dragged it round the corner I’m guessing to a waiting van, there seems to be a team working these estates there as I now know of another bike going the same way, the picks here dont really show it but the fairing lowers are carbon, along with the carbon s-arm guard & the numberplate hanger, it also has a 62m Micron tailpipe so it quite loud, if anyone see these parts for sale please let me know, obviously if the bike is seen also please let me know.

Gutted for you, Greenwich is a massive hotspot for stolen bikes. if it hasn’t been put in a van check the surround estates, as they may of left it to see if a tracker has been activated. I speak from experience on that. :crazy:

Me and my mates go on the bike to the cinema there all the time and they had the cheek to joke about me worrying about my bike!

Will keep an eye out for it!

cheers matey, yea had a drive around yesterday afternoon, lots of underground parking around there, going to take another spin around tonight

the only CCTV in that car park is on the security office opposite B&Q, I was only stopped for 1/2 an hpour if that so the car park must be being watched

Feel for ya…

What is the REG?

Cheers, the reg is ET04EFS

Tough break mate…

Did it have any security? Alarm, lock, steering lock etc…?

just the standard hiss & steering lock I had only stopped to drop in my wife’s purse as she had left it at home, they probably burn there thieving hand loading it into their van

look nice… good luck with it :slight_smile:

Gutted for ya mate, mine (R6) was nicked from there in December… be prepared to wait for insurance to pay as, not wishing to be the bearer of bad tidings but, I doubt you’ll see it again…

Don’t leave any decent bike down by the Bugsby’s Way shops… CCTV is only covering the entrances to the shops & not the car park (any part of it)… I checked with the shops & the police after mine was swiped…

Seems the gang steal a moped or other smaller bike, rock up, break the steering lock on the nicer bike, disable any alarm & shove it in the back of a van… the Police are aware of this yet seem to be doing buggerall!!

Jesus how many bikes have gone from here I now know of 5 if its such a hotspot, how much time would it take the police to drop a bike there & watch it, oh yea I’m not going to hold out for the insurance I know how rubbish they are at paying out.

Sorry to hear about these bikes :frowning:

Maybe LB needs to form a vigilante group :wink:

was the film worth it?

@AndyCr15 Vigilantie group yea sound like a plan however I can see a couple of issues, what are we going to use as bait & with emotions running high we would probably struggle to remain the right side of the law! :Whistling:

@Choprocker wasnt watching a film was only dropping some money to my wife who was at a kids party with my son.

Just spoken to Greenwich police about these estates & that they seem to be targeted, Sherlock of the met informed me that there is a pair of PCO’s paroling that area & the 02, I feel so much safer now…

When my friends bike was stolen from the Picturehouse it was found about 6/7 streets away, though he did have a tracker on his bike.

yea I’ve been riding round the streets there everyday just hoping to see her