3 mates and myself followed 12 miles through Sussex by a plain clothes rider on an unmarked silver cbr 1000,rider has dark visor and normal riding gear,he was in front of me at one point and nearly totaled himself overtaking a car which decided to turn right,anyway all of a sudden we are pulled by to normal cop bikes both 08 BMWs and the guy on the cbr rode with us until we were pulled over then just carried on. The bill said we had been videoed by an unmarked car filtering a traffic jam on double white lines,fair cop as we were, £60 and 3 points accepted as we were informed that we could be done for small plates and a number of other things.Get a life.

what do you mean get a life?.

i take it your surely referring to yourselves for your lack of rider safety skills to be crossing double white lines?.
i thought so.

you could of lost your lives or someone else’s by crossing them.
they are there for a reason if you still don’t know.

well done to the unmarked!.

There is no way im sitting in a 5 mile traffic jam of stationary cars on a bike in leathers on a hot day,if wanted to do that i would drive my car,there was no risk to anyone and the cbr was filtering behind me.

I think they are called “Spotters” & have been around for years in various different guises

You must have crossed the double white lines when the traffic was moving. If the traffic is stationary you can overtake on the double white lines but once the traffic starts to move you have to move back in.

Can I ask where you got this information?:hehe:

Did he nearly total himself because he was a cop ? If he hadn’t been and you’d been telling the story of the bike in front it would have been " poor guy nearly got totalled by a car when some t+sser right turned in front of him".

He was doing his job - you were breaking the law and got nicked…End of-:slight_smile:

Never nice but you just got caught out this time. I’ve nothing against the police, it’s just their job. Sometimes they can be [email protected] but mostly they seem pretty decent guys just trying to do a very hard job.
Sorry you got caught though mate

i take it thats when they catch people breaking the law !

especially those that think laws only apply to other people.

165You MUST NOT overtake

if you would have to cross or straddle double white lines with a solid line nearest to you (but see Rule 129) 129Double white lines where the line nearest you is solid. This means you MUST NOT cross or straddle it unless it is safe and you need to enter adjoining premises or a side road. You may cross the line if necessary, provided the road is clear, to pass a stationary vehicle, or overtake a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle, if they are travelling at 10 mph (16 km/h) or less.

[Laws RTA 1988 sect 36 & TSRGD regs 10 & 26]

That will be where JohnP got that information from, good to know your Highway code! :wink:


No one sits in traffic, why do you think we bought bikes?

As for unmarked/spotters…nice, whats wrong with getting pulled over and told that the manouvre they just did or the number plate they are using is inappropriate and give them a lecture instead of writing out a ticket? I bet it would put a mental note into their heads that this may happen again so take care, give the coppers a better rep and prove to us all that its not policing to a target and money. Agreed if they are being dumb arses then do the job your paid for. If they get tugged by a marked car/bike then they deserve to get a ticket, should be more aware on the roads.

I want silver CBR man’s job.



So your family will leave you and have no friends…

Or to pry on the rest fo us? and have no friends.:smiley:

Vehicles held in a queue is NOT ‘stationary traffic’ for the purposes of the Road traffic Act.

A stationary vehicle is a parked one.

And tough if your hot in your leathers, you can vertake if you do not straddle the white lines otherwise the overtake is not on.

As a motorcyclist you need to discipline yourself with your decisions, if you don’t and you get lazy or break laws you will find yourself sunny side up in no time.

as for the unmarked, if he has no emergency equipment he can’t make you stop, so the main reason he will carry on is because the uniforms are already there and can deal with you.

Impatience at doublewhites costs lives, i can assure you of that.

Sorry, what facts do you base that drivel on?

Guess the issue was about how to be policed if as a biker you want to break the law.There’s a a forum member on here.

Been riding donkeys years.

He was leaving a cafe with a few mates and they were going for a blast around Kent.

They realised after reaching excessive speeds that they had picked up an extra rider.

He was in fact a Kent Copper on a black blade, he wears black leathers and is quite infamous in these ere parts.

The copper pulls them all over shows them the video, gives them a severe dressing down and then takes details and says they should expect a fine in the post and a speed/safety awareness day.

Not one of the group had a bad thing to say about the copper or the way they were caught.

The bike copper ignored the small plates and loud cans.

We’re all aware of the dangers of biking and more or less what we should or shouldnt be doing.again i guess the issue was about how to be policed if as a biker you want to break the law.

can we have a bit more info, ie where about you were? how fast was the traffic jam moving? were there on coming cars?

I’m quite a slow filterer, and although I understand there are laws there for safety and that, I agree with PJ that one of the major points of having a bike is to allow you to make “progress” in stationary (or slow moving) traffic…I also agree that he could have just given a warning - “look lads, you know you shouldnt be crossing double whites, I know the traffic was slow moving, which is why im going to show you a bit of leniancy and give you a warning…”

What are the laws around filtering? I was in a cab on Tuesday heading to paddington at about 7am and a fella on a gixxer got pulled on Marlebone Road (A40) I couldnt work out what he got pulled for, he was filtering between traffic but not speeding or anything??