CBR 600F

This bike belongs to a friend of mine and we’ve toured a lot together. The fairings need attention (hole in the nose, crack in rear fairing (can be hot welded) and two corners missing from rear fairing.

But she has never let him down and has always been maintained well.

Take a look, would make a good first bike or a good hack.

That actually sparks a bit of thought on my part - what sort of price does a bike like that normally sell for?

Would mean i could buy the bike outright without any finance and kick me up the ass to get my DAS :x
Presumably something like this is a good prospect for a (sensible) first bike?

Id love to get that and give it a respray (blasphemy i know!) - found one like that :

If its mechanically sound then finding a few bits of ebay for the bodywork shouldnt be too hard. Then if you just want black, get it panel wrapped, places that do alloys and black out windows do wrapping now and I’m guessing its cheaper than spraying.