CBR 600F not priming injectors

After my brothers mishap last week I stripped the fairing off the 600F, disconnected the lights, and fitted a new brake lever.

Just to make sure it’s still mechanically OK he went to start it…

When the key is turned the injectors don’t kick in (you don’t hear tehm as you normally would).

Kill Switch is off

Bike is in Neutral

Stand up

Starter motor will turn

on the dash next to the Neutral lamp there is a red light which doesn’t turn off, is this normal?

Any ideas as to what is wrong?


checked all the fuses??

Is the red light the oil warning light?

the red light there is the (Fi) light,

this does not mean fuel injectors, it is a code for engine managment,

how hard was the knock it took as this could trigger the light,

It is the Fi Light (I think) Red, to the left of Neutral.

The fuses are fine.

It was a low speed spill and was ridden back by a helpful chap on these forums (Graham). So it’s happened since then.

All that has been done is literally take off the fairing and fit a new brake lever.

I’ll give changing the oil a go and see if anything improves. (On the 600F I take it the sump plug is underneath somewhere.)

with that light u will need to take it to a garage or a honda dealer so there equipment can locate the problem and get the code to sort it out,