CBR 600F 2001 (51 plate) for sale :(

Putting my CBR 600F up for sale as I don’t use it enough and could do with the money for my savings fund instead :(It is a 2001 (51 plate) CBR 600F, few bits of damage to the fairing due to a minor off about a year or so ago, only cosmetic though, everything was checked over at the time and was found to be fine. There are a few bits of damage which I’ve taken pics of below, in general it is a mechanically sound and clean bike :slight_smile: Has an MOT for another 3 months and tax until feb next year.

I’m looking for £1800 now.

Lovely bike hardly ever used. :smiley:

Oooo you git! :stuck_out_tongue: Slap for you next time I see you :slight_smile:

Nice bike, only slightly thrashed :slight_smile: does this mean your impending departure???

Don’t get rid of me that easily, I’ll still pop along to the ace in the car (ok for those smarty pants out there, I have done that for a little while anyway) and will still be annoying people on here :slight_smile: I will eventually get another bike, just need to save some dosh and it just seems pointless having the bike sitting about when I could put the cash into my savings pot.

You can’t sell it, that’s a false economy!! Yeah well we all knew you sneek in to the Ace in the car… :smiley:

Selling the bike and the dream starts to fade

Well it just seems a waste it sitting there not being used when I need savings, I will most def get another bike when I am finished with my saving! :slight_smile:


No one wants her :frowning:

I keep coming back and having a look at her

Decent bike that.
Good luck with the sale D, I hope the next one is even better (just not yellow :wink: ).

Sold :smiley: To a very nice lady I know :slight_smile: