CBR 600 RR, 2012, BLACK

For sale is a Honda CBR600 RR, 2012 model.

I will try to be ashonest as possible to avoid any confusion. Viewing is encouraged tosee and inspect the bike up close.

The bike has MOT untilJune 2014 and Road Tax until 28 February 2014.

The mileage of the bikeis 4,349 but will increase as I am using it on a daily basis.

It has 2 keys, V5 logbook, 2 owners (including me), last service was June 2013. Alldocumentation and receipts.

The bike has thefollowing extras:

R&G crash protectors

R&G Tail tidy

R&G Radiator	Guard

R&G Cotton	Reels (Offest)

R&G Heated	grips

After market	slip-on Akrapovic

Datatool Alarm

The bike was stolen andrecovered back in March 2013. It has been recorded as CAT-D Write OffTotal Loss. The damage included cut wires to silence the alarm andpulled front plastics to get to the wires. Photos of the bike when itwas damaged can be provided if required.

The bike has beenrepaired by a Honda dealer back to factory condition. I have alldocumentation to prove that.

The bike is in mintcondition, drives superb and the sound is extraordinary.

If you wanna make asensible offer, do so and we can discuss.

I have another bike forsale. See ER6-F

If you want bothbikes, I can let them go both for £6,000.

Call me at 07595360217

Price £5,000

Btw, photos can be seen here.

I’d give that a wash and retake the pictures. Good luck for the sale.

Thanks for the advise!

I did think that but I thought I was just being picky… :confused:

Is anyone in this forum interested in this bike?

Even if not, how much would you pay for it if you were out there to buy a CBR?

I just want to get an idea and set a realistic price in eBay. I need this bike sold fast.


I was going to say £5k is a fair price for a 12’ CBR at this time of year. Then I see it is a Cat D. I expect you’d get serious offers around £4200-4750

If its a case of selling it fast id sling it on ebay as an auction.

Its the worst time of year to sell a bike so you cant really put an accurate price on it.

Thanks… I have it as an auction with starting price dropped to £4,350.

Traders offer me £3,000 which I am not willing to sell at that price.

I’d agree with that - seems like a spot on range to me.

Ebay Auction might be worth a pop… of course the normal timewasting twats are out there - bid £4.5k, come round and kick tyres and offer you £3k to take it away… or just don’t turn up.

But in your case it mught be quicker than an Ebay 28 day ad which people don’t seem to respond to until the last two days for some reason (?).

I had an immaculate low mileage D675 which was worth at least £4.8k (when the sun is shining - ie before November ) , for sale a few Decembers ago.

It hung around for ever with a £4.3k price and eventually sold late January for £4.1k - so you can shift them , but it takes time and a bit of a downward revision on price. :crazy:

Thanks for the reply.

If I do sell for £4,200 or more, at this point I will be extremely happy.

If anyone wants it for £4,200 he/she can have it!!!

I noticed this too…
Drives me potty! :crazy:

It is nerve wracking is the least I can say.

My ER6F has 8 hours still left. 230 views, 13 watchers, no freaking bids…

What are they watching for? In case I give it for free?

its quite obvious that if nobody bids it would go unsold, so whoever is actually interested would contact you with an offer after the auction is finished.

there’s also watchers who just want check how much a bike like that would sell for, never with intention of buying it. i think 28 days is way too long, you should try 10 days first and see what happens.

if you can hold on until january i think the chances would be a little better, providing the winter doesnt turn too harsh.

The auction is only for 10 days!

Didn’t put it for 28…

I can hold until summer, problem is that until then I will have to use the tube :frowning:

you might still be lucky, its not that cold yet and there may be the odd person looking to get themself a present for xmas :smiley:

you can always try and sell it to a dealer from europe, quite a few people had a good outcome with it.

Dealer from Europe???

How does that work and where do I start from?

Any ideas?

Will need to look into it if it is an option :slight_smile:


As an FREQUENT ebay user.

Majority of people wait until the last few minutes to gobidding mad. Some of the watchers are people looking to see how much it wouldsell for, or possibly offer you a price if not sold etc. Personally as otherssaid it’s a hard time to sell a bike - Maybe try advertise more bike specific site?MCN/Bike Trader

Kawasaki ER6-F seems to have sold for £1,200.

Let’s see :slight_smile:

there were a couple of threads in here at least 2 people have sold to dealers in europe, for semi decent money.

i need to try and fish them out, i personally never had the need so i dont know who they are.