CBR 125 STOLEN Wednesday !!

Indeed I wish it was a practical joke but unfortunately my Honda CBR 125 (2005) (Repsol) has gone walkabouts by that I mean some pr@t decided to attempt to make my day by stealing my bike at college…! Worst thing is knowing that my bike was on CCTV but finding out the poxy camera was busted & only owning the bike a little over a week isn’t good…!

If you see a Honda CBR 125 Repsol riding around with the Registration EJ05 EXD then please let me know as I want my bl*ody bike back…!

Bike was stolen from Epping Forest College Grounds, Debden.


very sorry to hear this mate… it really is an epidemic this bike thievery… there must be hundreds of these bastaaards roaming the streets nicking bikes…

good luck in getting your bike back!

Sorry to hear mate, gutting :frowning:

sorry to hear it mate…

bads news ,hope it shows up and you get it back.

1 week! Poxt B@stards. God help em if I ever catch someone stealing, cause no one else will help em’:angry:

Exactly my point hadn’t even got the LOG book in my name i’ve heard nothing as of yet been looking & still nothing so may end up just starting to save up mroe money & get either another cbr or get myself something like a YZF sen a nice one for £1200 just needs a new front fairing… also £950 as well on some places so may just save up.

Are you not claiming on your insurance? Or were you not insured for theft/are you assuming they won’t pay up if you were?

thats absolutly terrible - good luck inn getting it back

sorry to hear about ya wheels goign missing, have a good look round any nieghbouring estates/areas wheres youngsters congregate.

also dont forget to and a report of the theft on the stolen viechle database wich has just ben launched.

Ah Cobra this sucks as you only just got it!!!

you never know, occaionally they come back…


i do have the bike back…!! just got it back thursday after numerous repairs !! i did make it clear to the police that i hope i dont see the rider again for obvious reasons :smiley:




How was it found? Apparently Police have doen a few raids recently, your might have bene on of them. Top Stuff :smiley:

Awesome news … hope I have the same luck :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t happen to know if they are doing any more raids :wink: