CB900RR Track Bike

Some of you will know from Facebook, I’ve bought a new car. With the damage I managed to do to my last one all based around trailers… I daren’t (and don’t really want to) put a tow bar on the new car.

So… I guess I may as well sell the track bike and look to rent if I fancy some fun on a track.

The only two problems I ever really had were it taking time to warm up and let me run it, but then Tim (Scorch) fixed that fairly easily for me (second photo) and a screw is knacked/head stripped, making getting into the clutch (I think) kinda tricky… if you wanted to.

Clearly it has slid down the track on it’s right hand side at some point, but nothing too bad. I think the fairings got replaced. (It wasn’t me!)

I’ll throw in paddock stands, tyre warmers and a spare rear wheel and tyre to an LBer. (Will check, I might have a spare front too)

It’s a '97 Fireblade, I have the V5.

Hoping for around £950.

Or you could buy a ramp and hire a van at £45 a day each time you want to do a track day. At Kendall Cars you can return it at any time so long as it’s there before the next day so if you are late coming back from the track it doesn’t matter.

That’s not a bad idea at all, thanks Joby. We’ll see. If it goes, it goes. If not, I’ll try as you suggest.

Ever had any issues with the noise police Andy?

Nope, always came in at 96 or 97db I think.