Cb500 choke revs increase help


I’ve adjusted the regular idle screw on the bike but how does one adjust the idle on the chock. The max revs that I get is about 500rpm so the bike still stalls a bit. If fact, once it runs for a couple minutes and I close the choke, the bikes revs rise to normal. :confused:
Other than that, it’s peachy :slight_smile:

That will give me something to think about on my way to work…

Indeed. I would normally adjust the choke revs by the lever on the bars but that doesn’t work well. I pull the lever from off to halfway and that’s “ok”. If I open the choke to full, the bike slowly drops revs and dies.

Choke open idle is around 500revs. (Poor)
Choke closed but cold bike is around 1000revs (ok. Not ideal but doesn’t stall ever)
Bike warmed up fully is 1200-1300 revs as per the Haynes manual (good)

I have serviced the bike with new plugs, oil, filter, airfilter, coolant. This hasn’t changed the running.

I’m assuming choke cable adjustment or carb clean?

are you sure the choke jets aren’t blocked?

Haven’t checked yet. Never worked on a carb bike before. I’ve got the manual so I’ll have a butchers when I get a chance in a few weeks :confused:
Too busy to play with bikes at the mo. Such a shame :’(

oh and welcome to the fun of having an old bike that always goes wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

The bike runs fantastically! It’s just the warm up that’s a little. Wonky :slight_smile:

my vfr runs fantastically too. it just overheats.

Sounds like it’s not broken enough to be worried about fixing .

hmmm you ARE using the choke lever in the right direction lol

Yes, of course :wink:
I’m a fast learner as I love mechanical things but carb bikes are new to me.
The only thing I can think of is…

The choke cables need adjusting
Fuel needs adjusting
Air/spark needs adjusting.

The problem is specific to the choke only and not normal operating temps.

So I think it could be carbs that need a little clean considering that previous owners might not have taken the same care as I intend on taking.

Correct me if I’m wrong of course :slight_smile:

PM Dave Spanners on here, or head over to the CB/CBF500 forum on Bikersoracle where he is a mod.

Dave loves his CB500s and if he can’t diagnose the problem, you found something completely new.

Jaime, Davespanners was the observer we rode with on that IAM taster day… :wink:

I don’t remember what I did this weekend and you want me to think 2 years back! Ffs :smiley:

Just a reminder, you’re marrying Claire in the near future. :smiley:

No problem with that. She keeps reminding me :stuck_out_tongue:

Jaime you fooked it already!

This weekend you signed a paper handing over all your assets to me… :smiley:

Back of a chappie paper right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not at all Dan. It has always done that. Its not a massive problem really. It just idles too low with the choke out whilst warming up :slight_smile: