CB450dx clutch

my brother’s just bought a 1993 honda cb450dx, been standing for 4 years. got it running but the clutch wont disengage even when fully adjusted. not heard of clutches seizing but not sure what else it could be. wondered if anyone has had similar experience.


prob a case of the plates have dried out and stuck a bit, take the plates out see wot there like and soak em in oil for a spell.

i hopefully have agsx1100 coming and stood for 3/4 yrs too so when i change oil, clean out carbs/petrol tank etc i will dos wot i said above to plates too.

That’s fixed it
Thanks :smiley:

An easier/quicker way to free a stuck clutch is start it, push it along until fast enough to bang it into 1st then ride around with the clutch lever pulled in, it will very soon free up. Simples.

nice 1. :smiley: