really really want a sooperduuke!!!:smiley:

Honda CB1000R Vs. KTM Superduke
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Both are really nice bikes. I love the look of the CB1000R, but have ridden the SD and loved it!

Lucky buggers to have weather and roads like that!

great bikes, great music…can i have both? :smiley:

swee,eee,eeeee,eeeeeeet!!! :w00t:

I test rode both before deciding on the CB. I absolutely love it, and you get guaranteed, tried and tested Honda reliability too. The SD is a little more on the “nuttier” side, the power delivery feels a lot punchier, but they’re both hella powerful bikes. So if you want some refined power, a CB. If you want an all out hooligan of a bike, go for the SD.

Love the 1.30mins

Spot on I like the hooligan SD :smiley:

+1 – steering and wheelying – awesome skills! :w00t:

Some great riding skills on those two nutters too! :w00t:

CBthou is awesome…good looking bike…sounds nice too!

for me tho it has to be the 990 superduke! Vee…power…could be a hooligan on either!:smiley:

one day…i will have own an SD;)

o god like the cbr can feel a bie change going on.

your not man enough for a ktm:hehe: plus it will brake all the time and you got now tools:D