CB1000R launch

Anyone got an invite for tonights pre launch night at Dobles in Coulsdon ?

I’ll be there. Shall i get some pics for the site Jay ?

Is this the new Hornet?

yes but no. honda says it isn’t but it blatantly is if that makes sense.

Dunno about the official launch, but there has been one sat in the lobby at Chiswick Honda since at least Sat.

Looks quite nice, but not sure I’d have one, that LED thing that looks like an afterthought really puts me off

Are all Honda bike dealers also Honda car dealers ? My local Honda dealer is a bit unpleasant - is there a dedicated Honda bike shop in south herts/north london that is recommended ?

No there are quite a few Honda car dealers with no bike section and vice versa.

Dobles is just bikes

There was all this with the launch of the Fireblade. All the Honda dealers had them under cover and said we can’t possibly show it till the launch date, meanwhile Chiswick had it on display for an entire week before. Wouldn’t use Dobles either, tossers.

Hmmm… that was odd wasn’t it. Even when we mentioned that no other bike shops had the Blade on display.

Now, now H. I know how much you LOVE Dobles :wink:

Haha. Remember we went down to that Honda dealer and they couldn’t possibly show the bike and we pointed out that we’d actually sat on it half an hour earlier where it was on display. Given Chiswick are actually Honda, not a franchised retailer, I guess they can do what they pretty much like.
Yes, my admiration for Dobles still lives on :stuck_out_tongue:

How come you dont like Dobles ? what happened ? I’ve found them to be pretty good and a lot better than Carl Rosners (prev bike was a Triumph)

I too want to know your Dobles story as I’ve been using them for a fair while and found them pretty good.

+1 i’ve found doble to be very good when i had my RR

Try Honda Den (Hondaden?) on Kindsland Road, London N1.

I went to see them yesterday. Nice people with quite a big showroom. They also have the CB1000R on display.

Try Honda Den (Hondaden?) on Kindsland Road, London N1. I went to see them yesterday. Nice people with quite a big showroom. They also have the CB1000R on display.

you mean motoden mate. yea the sales people are pretty decent but there service department is poo

Interesting. I was thinking of buying from them. Thanks for the heads up.I think Motoden is their scooter branch and Honda Den is further down the road and does… Hondas. Same company though.

i’d definatly try dobles they are in surrey and a little less cut throat. i was looking at £500 differences on some of the same models.

The whole reason why i went away from Rosners was i wanted to part ex my Speed Four in for another new bike and they would only offer me 2,800 for a 1 year old bike. I thought they were having a laugh as i was about to buy a new bike from them. I told them where to go.

I called Dobles up and they offered a fair price for my bike and they got the sale of a new Hornet with an accessory pack. I even took out gap insurance with them.

Who is the loser in this ? Rosners are. I was up for buying another Triumph but their total lack of interest in customer retention hacked me right off.

Am thinking of trying a Tiger next, all i need to do is find a decent Triumph dealer in South London who cares about their customers. Any suggestions anyone ?

rant over !



hmmmm metropolis:w00t: no really run!