cb1000r, fz1 or z1000?

hi, I’m lookin for a bike to do 70 miles each way to work but also a bit of fun. was lookin at a fazer fz1 but since seen a cb1000r also not sure about z1000 any one done a lot of miles on any of these? and and opinions? Also heard about doggy fueling on 2006 fz1, has this been sorted on new bikes?

I used to have a fazor 06 for about 2 years and gods honest the thing never let me down and i went to work every day on it with extreme comfort and when i went out on the weekend with my mates it scratched it up with the R1’s cbr and zx10 my opinion is fazer 100%

PMSL!! OK! 06 fazor? Scratchin with R1’s??? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

pmsl its a long story ill explain over a couplke fo beers tonight you gain?

Hell no, you explain here, in 06 you had an ducatti 999 but now you say you had a fazer and you dam sure cant keep with r1 on that pmsl

Ive got a new job working for Yamaha they have realized how s…t their fazer is so paying people like me to publisise it for them the hours suck but the benefits are their… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: just gave my honest opinion the fazer is the best out of that lot!. and i have riden the fazer quite alot and it is actually a very fast bike and i could keep up with you on a vespa!

I used to own an 06 FZ1-N and it was an awesome piece of kit. And i would agree that it could mix it quite happily with an R1 and the likes, been there done it got the t-shirt.I took it Le Mans twice and was well comfy, good for wheelies also:D

I would have another FZ1 without question.


If a naked streetbikes what you want then consider the Tuono - I would take the Tuono over the bikes you have mentioned on noise and attitude alone :wink:

Oh , by the way , have you seen mine for sale in the classifieds section :w00t:

Sorry , shameless I know :smiley:

Yeah but 80 miles to a tank is not particularly clever when touring… but i must admit the Tuono is a great bike to ride.

I own a CB1000R, had her for about 3 weeks now. I test rode a FZ1 when choosing. The FZ1 feels as though it has more grunt and sounds like it has too.

The CB1kR is just soo smooth its incredible. It feels like its pottering along with no vibes and a quiet tone, untill you look at your speedo! This bike is incredibly quick when pushed, its small, agile and nimble in the twisties and NO VIBES!

If you want a monster, go FZ1, if you want something a bit more sensible/civilised, the CB is the way to go IMHO.

However best advice is to get out there and try them all, a perfect bike for me may not suit your remit. Take a day off work and book some test rides!


Before anyone says anything yes I know it needs a tail tidy! I’m skint atm… next month maybe…

Peej - that’s if " touring " at " hooning " speeds buddy - I have managed to get quite a reasonable ( for a Vee Twin ) miles per tank out of it on a decent run involving a bit of hooning AND a bit of " sensible " riding :wink:

But you are right , it is a good " fun " bike to ride :smiley:


Sorry if I sound boring but such a high mileage a day, surely its worth getting something that’s frugal with a BIG tank. Otherwise you’ll be in a petrol station every day :crazy:

Hi Bluedog

I’ve just bought a new FZ1-N in white, and I can’t stop grinning! I just want to keep going out riding it.
I took advantage of Yams 0% finance offer and traded in my 05 Fazer 600.
I would agree with Solamanda about the tank range though, I get about 80 miles before the reserve kicks in on my short commute each day into London, maybe 120 on fast runs.
The bike sounds fantastic even with the standard can, people tend to notice it much more than my Fazer. Not noticed any fuelling issues (08 model) and it pulls like a maniac after about 5000 rpm.