Caught speeding.

Hey peeps…

Can anyone tell me what the levels are… like in a 30 zone over 30 but under 40 is points/fine? and then over 40 in a 30?




Don’t know how they rack the up - but the minimum is 3 points and £60 fine I think. I’ve had that anyway for doing like 36 in a 30 (in my car)

generally speaking

up to 20mph over the limit is normally an FPN (3points, £60)

over 20mph is normally court appearance, and prob 6points and a mean tested fine.

over 30mph and you’ve explaining to do, and may be looking at a ban

all depends how/why you were court, circumstances and how well you can plead your case basically

Naughty boy getting caught speeding.

Cheers chaps.

Its all abit confusing as it works differently on the isle of man.

Someone else on LB decribed the police tolerances…
30mph limit : police allow 30mph + 10% +2 mph = 35mph
40mph limit : police allow 40mph + 10% +2mph = 46mph

Sounds as though you’ll get a 60 pound fine and 3 points. :frowning:

Got the statutory 3 pts and £60 on Saturday for 75 in a 60. Good job I’d slowed down… :Whistling:

dont bikers get the equivalent of a drivers awareness course? i would guess that would be something like a bike safe kinda thing? if no…why not??

Depends on how you get the offence, but it has to be under 36 in a 30 or something, a very small margin anyways to be offered the driver awareness course, and you only get that opportunity once.

I did the speed awareness course in Essex,everyone there was caught at 38mph,no less,no more.You can only get offered it once in a certain time frame and apparently it crosses between all the counties,if you get caught elsewhere.

Well, having just lost my last point from my license from driving, and surviving a year on a bike without anything, I think I’ve been caught twice in the space of 3 weeks :frowning: One for sure, I’ve had the paperwork, the second was a policeman with his gun.

I wouldn’t mind too much, but both occasions I was doing 40 on a dual carriageway, no pavements, no other cars about… but the limit is 30 :frowning: (Euston underpass) That’s when it annoys me, I don’t feel I was any danger to anyone, not even myself, but I guess that’s kind of irrelevant…

Yeah its a pain init.

If I get done this I’ll be up to 11 points… which is getting slightly harsh on the insurance.

Gonna make some enquiries.

At what point does it really start to effect insurance? I’ve declared 6 points before and I don’t think anything changed? How bad is it if you don’t declare the points?

Ouch!! :pinch:

Thought you lived on the Island permanently?

How’d you notch them up? :blink: Is it that yeller R1? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I don’t declare points then I run the very high risk of invalidating my insurance.

Insurance goes up depending on what the points are for I think.

Mine is ok at the minute but it is creeping up.

I’m just real unlucky I think… the points are the reason I have kept everything standard on the R1… even the numberplate is sensible… :slight_smile:

Hey grim

Yeah I do live on the Island all year… but points carry now between UK and Island… but only if you r banned I think… its dead confusing.

It sounds like you can get caught speeding in the UK and provided that the points you would have recieved don’t push you to the ban limit then you will only get the fine as they can’t endorse a Manx lisence with points without going to court… and its not cost effective to take someone to court that lives across a sea for a 3 point offence. However if you get sufficient points to be banned then this is carried out and you are banned everywhere, regardless of your lisence nationality.

I think :wink:

After coming off a ban in december my insurance went from £978 with 11 points on license for a 99 plate SV650 to £1701 if i didnt have the points and a clean license i could have brought a 08 plate kwaka Z750 and the insurance would have only been £1250 with my ban code it is £3978 and all this coz i was done for 130 mph on the m25 last march, already had 11 points so was looking at a ban but if i had a clean license i would have had just 9 points 6 points for the speeding and 3 for undertaking but i have learnt my lesson because now i cant buy a new bike for at least 4 years (what a bummer)ginger

Is your ban ‘spent’ in 4 years? i.e. it then makes no difference to insurance and such?

Mind you, 11 points and 130mph on the M25 might have not been the best decision, lol. I’m likely to be on 6 points soon and I’ve already slowed down a bit :slight_smile:

We’re quite lucky here for insurance… its quoting nothing like you guys get.

With 7 points I pay around £480 for fully comp on an '06 R1 (I’m 28). Which is pretty good… this goes up by about 100 quid or so if I get some more points… I think.