Caught in a bus lane



the ones on the A406 need to be bikes as well never seen a bus in them

Surely the A406 is a red route & therefore bikes are allowed to use them?

stay out unless you see a sign telling you the score… come on, unless you got money to burn, surely that’s the norm…? Or am I just a boring tight git that rides like a granny…? (don’t answer that)

See plenty of bikers using the bicycle,Taxi,bus only ones…

Makes me think "should I? Shan’t I? Will they bother to prosecute a bike?

Frustrating when you’re stuck behind summat and can’t overtake…

There may be a couple of ways to fight it - see link below. Most people don’t fight - and you have to decide ow much time you are prepared to invest…

Pics or it didnt happen :D:D

Also got caught on a bus line. And paid.
It takes a while before the charges drop, if they ever do.
Got to drop charges on a parking ticket once. Took months and months.

i got a one once and said i was under the understanding that motorbikes wear aloud in bike lanes in london i just thought the sign was out dated as it would take a wile to change all the signs and got let off lol

I know someone who got let off once as They appealed it under the fact that they were under the impression they were a bicycle (look at the taxation class of your bike) and they thought the motorcycle stood for tricycle…

Just appeal it,
The worst there gonna say is pay it!
Atleast it buys you some more time.

Take a photo of the back of a bus, get it blown up to A0 size on a bit of ply and stick it facing outwards to the back of your bike.

Now you can ride in bus lanes across the country without fear :smiley:

Mine was the same place I think, right by the Sainsburys heading East.

8am, no other fecker on the road and for some reason I was cruising in the bus lane!! Why I was in there is anyone’s guess.

I contested it and failed!! £65 fine, annoying!

I won when I contested, even after they had set the appeal date etc etc. Read up on the law regarding proper bus lane notation etc. There needs to be a taper thats 10 times as long as the bus lane is wide, meaning approx 30m. If it’s not, they cannot enforce the bus lane. End of bus lane sign has to be really clear, etc etc. I think I had a thread up with the letter I wrote and my contested points somewhere…

There also needs to be warning quite a distance before the bus lane begins, which also wasn’t in place in my instance. They decided not to go forward with the fine the day before the appeal hearing was due.

My first port of call would be the TFL website and maps/lists of buslane permitted roads. Any discrepancies as they relate to this stretch of road can be used against them. There is one that I know of on Newington Butts heading North just before Elephant, where the signage is clear, but the TFL documentation isn’t. I’d appeal that one if I ever had a momentary lapse.

I’ve also won when my bike has broken down, but you have to be able to support that, and they will ask for evidence.

check your V5c document, taxation class, see if it is printed" Bicycle". it may help in your defence against payment of the fine. worth a try.

I appealed mine and won, only because Islington council failed to submit any evidence to the resulting tribunal though IIRC!

Why are we called bicycles on the docs? Surely a giant loophole, no?

The definition of a bicycle and a PTW (powered two wheeler) is made quite clear in the highway code.

The distance between the blue bus lane signs has to be adhered too (100yrds I think) and also there needs to be a sign at any side road next to the bus lane. Many of London’s Bus Lanes do not have correct signage and therefore are not enforceable, even the blue signs need to conform to a set standard . You need to check out the rules and regulations for the bus lane you were in.

In people’s defence and i’m normally the first to criticise standards of driving/riding… it can be hard when travelling and watching traffic to read the signs in any detail.

Maybe if you had to spot just a yellow bike on the board, you’d know the lane was for you etc… without having to read a white symbols in amongst all the other symbols in white. Any colour to make certain vehicles stand out would be better on these type of signs.