Catching a Mouse

Was sat in the living room of the flat last night and saw something move out of the corner of my eye… then it moved again… it was a little mouse. We tried catching him by cornering him, but he was too rapid and escaped!

So… at the risk of sounding unmanly, it grossed me out a bit, we’re two floors up and the flat is fairly tidy but anyhow… I now need to get rid…

Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way to get rid of one?

I was thinking the obvious, a mouse trap? but I’ve never had this problem, do they actually work or are they ****? Do I call in a pest control person to set the traps? Does anyone have a cat I can borrow for a few days?

any useful advice would be appreciated! :smiley:

i have 4… top level …SAS commando Cats…they ambush mice like the para’s ambush taliban…wanna borrow one?:smiley:

buy a mouse trap, use some bait, if you’re squimish get a humane one…if you’ve got kids remember to put it out when they’ve gone to bed…it’s worked for me!

You want a sparrowhawk. that will sort the pesky blighter out ,but it will prob leave a bit of poo around the place .:smiley:

HAHA, Russ, I’ll take them all, get them into the situation room and prep them… :smiley:

I lived in a rented accom once that had mice, and found the mice traps to work.

Thou contrary to popular belife, they prefer chocolate to cheese :slight_smile:

Happy hunting

sparrowhawks prefer small birds that they can catch in flight…not mice, might be better with a kestrel…

I had the same problem a few years ago when I saw a mouse in my kitchen. I bought the traditional wooden mouse-trap with a lethal spring contraption - mind your fingers! :w00t: I got a pack of about 5 which weren’t too expensive. I then baited 2 of them with a Cadbury’s chocolate button or you can use a little bit of bacon (it’s a fallacy that they go for cheese). It didn’t happen immediately but I got 2 of the buggers like that in the end - the second one I heard go off when I was in my flat.

Not had a problem since (touch wood) but I did have f***ing squirrels in my loft once after that. Now they were a problem :angry:

Glue traps are awful but effective. If you leave one out next to a wall at night he’ll be there in the morning…but then you have to be a man and do the honourable thing with a plastic bag and a frying pan.To prevent them coming back you can use these. I bought a set for my flat and we’ve not had any mice since. A girl I knew who lived in a farm house recommended them.

i have briefed them…they have boarded the chinook and ETA is 1 hour…Roger that…:smiley:

Put enough chocolate in the trap and it would kill him if he ate it all, chocolate is toxic to mice!!

SAVE THE MOUSE!!! :w00t:

Poor little thing :frowning: :smiley:


i have picked my finest for you…Troopers Fudge and Berice…:D:D

dont be fooled, they are chilling here, but ready for mouse contact at any time!




They only look able to catch some zzzs :smiley:

I love cats…Sooo fookin lazy…Not unlike myself :laugh:

Don’t think my two would be much use either :w00t:

dont be fool’ed Afro…these cats are deadly!! the play tennis with mice:D

2 you…2me…2you.,.2me…:w00t:

If you use a bait I used to find a mixture of Dairy Lea cheese and sugar to be very effective when I had a mouse problem during my student days. When we moved into our digs we found the place was overrun by mice so I went out and bought 10 traps, used the aforementioned bait (a complete guess on my part) and the following morning woke up to find we had wiped out an entire family of mice!

Or you can always try a honey trap :laugh:

kelv put some cheese out for it and ya got a pet…remind ya of the old days back in the 'pool :D:D

They like cake and nougat too. And Christmas pudding.

Buy a packet of mousetraps (usually 4) and set them round the edges of your room (they run round the walls) near where you saw one or where you have seen droppings. If you don’t want to get a gooey dead mouse off a trap in the morning you can just bin the whole lot.

Don’t waste time and money on “humane” traps or bait that tastes of chocolate and tells you on the box that they die in their sleep. Both of these methods are totally ineffective.

Or give Ratty’s cats a day out they will enjoy:D

Ratty does the first cat run on AA batteries?? :smiley:

lol ah thats fudge…he likes smoke ya see…:D:w00t:

no thye was for the camera!