Hello everyone!

After my accident 3 months ago (thanks to some c***t) and now being fully recovered i’m starting to look in buying another bike but being on a tight budget i’m considering a bike with previous history either cat c or cat d.

i’ve seen and missed what it seem to be real bargains on ebay and other web sites but i’m still a bit unsure if this is too much of a risk or if i should gamble!

anyone with experience with this issue? what should i look for?

Here’s a picture of my beloved bike after the accident:crying:

CAT D is mainly just cosmetic so probably mainly just fairings anything CAT C has to be inspected before being put back on the road, if your buying CAT C just make sure it has had all the relivant inspections CAT D just make sure its not a ringer check all the numbers chassis and engine make sure they match the log books and dont look dodgy ie re stamped.

To be honest if I were you bung someone a drink to go look with you and if it aint right walk away, you will find something eventually…

i never even knew you had an off, can you not repair the old one ?

The old one is gone Andy!

It was a write off by the insurer and the picture doesn’t show but its actualy the engine holding the frame!! The frame split just behind the the top yoke!!

Cheers Flats!

really that bad, we will get all your pics of it on disc for you , it was part of history that bike :slight_smile:

This link may be of help…