Cat C bikes

I’m in the process of selling my Baby Vara in order to fund a “big bike” after I passed my DAS in September. I’ve seen a 53 reg Ducati Multistrada for £1995 but it is a Cat C bike. It’s quite tempting but I was wondering about the pitfalls of buying a “Cat” bike…?

Cat c bikes are fine, asking as they have a current MOT there is usually no problems,
May be worth checking with your insurers first as some of them don’t like insuring anything that’s already been claimed as a loss

You might want to e-mail Stuart Fordyce on here (that’s his nick) about a ducati multistrada. I believe he has a similar vintage and, to put it this way, he has a permanent place at the OMC :smiley:

Thanks for the advice guys, interesting stuff. I had it down that any “Cat” bike was a barge-pole scenario, but maybe not. I’ll e-mail SF too. Cheers!